WonderEsque Announces Exciting Launch of "Light of Thrones", a Fun Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Perfect for Potty Training

Stumbling in the dark trying to find the toilet often leads to a mess or two for the youngsters of the house as they work their way through potty training. The innovative brand WonderEsque recently announced the release of a product that can be a big help, the “Light of Thrones”, a motion activated toilet night light that can make potty training easier and more fun.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2017 --Potty training can be a challenge, with one of the big steps being the child learning to go to the toilet themselves to pee during the night. In pretty exciting news for parents, innovative house and kitchen brand WonderEsque recently debuted a breakthrough product that can be a huge help in this area and a resource that could really speed up potty training a child in many instances. Enter the "Light of Thrones", a multicolored motion activated toilet night light that makes potty training cool and fun.

"This new product launch was for us a personal project: our founders have a little girl and like any parents, they strive to make their daughter happy," commented Nicole Smith, spokesperson for WonderEsque. "So they created this amazing home gadget that glows for the honorable purpose of making her happy. Not only did they succeed in that, but they also made a lot of our adults' customers happy. And to think that a trip to the bathroom can make our customers feel happy, that is pretty extraordinary."

According to the company, the "Light of Thrones" Toilet Night Light fits on any size toilet bowl without any problem at all and is completely safe. The Motion Activated Bowl Night Light takes five seconds to install and is completely waterproof. Any of eight different color options can be selected or it can be made to scroll through all eight, taking 120 seconds for a full cycle. All sales are backed by a very enthusiastic one year warranty.

Shoppers truly appreciate "Light of Thrones" Motion Activated Toilet Night Light.

Chris N., recently said on Amazon.com, "This works perfect! I got it for my girlfriend who up until kw had been stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night. Problem solved. The motion sensor works perfectly and I have had no problems with the unit at all. It can switch from one solid color to a color changing mode (which is the one she prefers). I showed my coworkers before I used it as a stocking stuffer and everyone was amazed by the idea. They all said they were going to get one and I suggest anyone that gets one or even two for their household."

For more information be sure to visit www.wonderesque.com.

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