WonderEsque Celebrates Success of New WonderVeg Spiralizer in Eliminating Common Flaws of Competing Brand's Products

Fans of vegetable spiralizers have a good reason to be pleased – leading innovative kitchenware company WonderEsque, has recently announced the release of their new WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer featuring significant improvements over past designs while remaining easy to use and affordable.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/08/2017 --The spiralizer is certainly a breakthrough when it comes to finding ways to add more vegetables to a family's diet in fun and interesting ways. Unfortunately, nearly everyone on the market has been criticized for being "flimsy" and easy to break. Cutting edge kitchenware company WonderEsque has answered the call for a solution to this problem, with recent release of the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer, designed by an expert team to not only produce amazing quality spiralized vegetables of all kinds, but to also be rugged enough to take whatever a kitchen has to offer.

"This revolutionary improvement required a big investment of opening and creating a new mold, but it was all worth it because we want to provide only the best quality to our customers," commented Nicole Smith, WonderEsque spokesperson. "We are extremely pleased with this change and we can see this in our reviews, we have not seen a 'flimsy' complaint in months."

According to the company, most of the "flimsy" complaints regarding spiralizers were based around their crank handles, which were almost universally wobbly and not firm in the least.

With the rising popularity of a wide range of diets calling for more vegetable consumption on one hand and less wheat and gluten on the other, the spiralizer has earned a very valued spot in an ever rising number of kitchens. Once word of the superior construction of the WonderVeg Tri Blade Spiralizer spreads it's almost certain many will be turning to WonderEsque to meet this kitchen product need.

Early feedback for the new spiralizer has been very positive across the board.

J. Audain, recently said in a five star review, "I was real skeptical when my friend told me about this item. Replacing noodles is blasphemous. Me and my Wife gave it a go with some zucchini the other night and wow. Really easy to use and the optional blades were great. Cleaning up was very easy as well. Definitely give this a try."

For more information on the product, be sure to visit www.amazon.com/dp/B00OA3K9G8.

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