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Wondfo to Show Top 4 Rapid Diagnostic Test Equipment at MEA 2019


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2019 --Wondfo is excited to announce that it will participate in the Medic East Africa (MEA) 2019 from September 24th to 26th at Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi (Stand No: 2C19). For these years, the discovery and breakthroughs made by Wondfo have continuously given fresh impetus to the rapid diagnostic test field.

Connecting both manufacturers and service providers with clinicians, procurement professionals, dealers and distributors, Medic East Africa serves as the influential platform to showcase advanced medical equipment and state-of-the-art medical technology on a global level. The coming Medic East Africa 2019 is a place where more than 200 professional biomedical companies and 3,000 healthcare professionals from nearly 30 countries will provide attendees with the widest range of most cost-effective and innovative medical devices, products and supplies. At the same time, more than 10,000 visitors can have the opportunity to leverage the success of this event and make key business contacts by utilizing the multiple channels and abundant resources.

Wondfo now concentrates on the Medic East Africa 2019 and plans to bring its top 4 rapid diagnostic test equipment to Kenya. Wondfo, a China-based expert in researching and developing immunofluorescence test, gold nanoparticles applications, quantitative chemical analysis, blood gas test, as well as prothrombin time test for more than 27 years, is well-known for its pursuit of the sophisticated and precise rapid diagnostic test for healthcare professionals. For several years, the business of this firm went from strength to strength. As this firm's brand power improves, the high-quality rapid diagnostic test equipment and superior services have earned Wondfo a good reputation in the healthcare industry and enabled it to sell products to the whole world. Additionally, with reliable and long-term partnerships, this firm has already established a global business network these years.

As a matter of fact, the research and development ability is now emerging to be the core of Wondfo's business running. Moreover, the persistent efforts facilitate Wondfo to launch four rapid diagnostic test devices, which gain wide attention and recognition from customers globally. The following are detailed information of top 4 healthcare equipment to be showcased by this company at Medic East Africa 2019.

Blood Gas Analyzer
Worked with original blood gas analyzer test card and blood gas analyzer reagent pack from Wondfo, this rapid diagnostic test equipment can be used to detect and record the blood pH, carbon dioxide partial pressure, oxygen partial pressure, sodium ion, potassium ion, calcium ion, chloride ion, hematocrit, Lactic Acid and Glucose. On the credit side, the process of healthcare test above by this equipment lasts only 30 seconds. Besides, equipped with a remarkable built-in battery, it can test and record the data of more than 50 samples during the outage.

Optical Coagulation Analyzer
As the first coagulation test equipment for 5 test items in China, this Optical Coagulation Analyzer can perform coagulation tests including prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, activated clotting time, thrombin time and fibrinogen with Optical Coagulation analyzer test card. Aimed at Vitro Diagnostic use, this device can present the test result in 3 minutes.

Dry Chemistry Analyzer
Actuated by original Dry Chemistry Analyzer test strip from Wondfo, this top-class rapid diagnostic test equipment brings a new generation of capabilities to diagnose conditions such as liver function, kidney function, myocardial enzyme, emergency treatment, blood routine examination, blood glucose, etc. in 5 minutes.

One Step HIV 1/2 Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma Test
Obtained the attestation of WHO Prequalified, this rapid diagnostic test device can provide the qualitative detection of not only the HIV1/2 antibodies in human whole blood, but also the serum or plasma at specified cut-off level with 100% sensitivity and 99.96% specificity.

About Wondfo
Founded in 1992, Wondfo is one of the earliest high-tech biological enterprises specializing in rapid diagnostic test in China. Equipped with research laboratories covering nearly 5,000 square meters and international leading production lines, Wondfo is good at providing a powerful production capacity and professional custom services to its clients. What's more, striving to embrace the principles of satisfactory customer services all the time, this company endeavors to offer customers comprehensive medical help and counseling in real time. In general, this firm's recent activities in the ever-changing global market have earned it a stable and broad business network these years.

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