Wontag Watches

Wontag Introduces Affordable Luxury Watches for All


Venice, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2018 --Wontag, the revolutionary new Italian watch company providing wearers with exceptional luxury at affordable prices, is live on global crowdfunding Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Traditional luxury watches can cost a fortune, putting them far beyond the reach of the average customer. Wontag is a groundbreaking new timepiece brand providing a true luxurious piece at a fraction of the cost. Designed in Venice, Italy, Wontag watches are made to last while making wearers look great.

"I sought out to create Wontag Watches because of my passion for watches and desire one day to have my own Watch Brand. Probably happened to you, to get frustrated paying hundreds of dollars for name brand watches, knowing they only cost a fraction of the price to make," says founder Roberto Navarro. "I have spent lot of time days and nights hours preparing for this moment and finally I come up with an affordable, stylish looking watch collection that I know everyone will love."

Wontag has been designed with 3 clear principles in mind; creating a minimalist look that can be worn in a casual or professional setting, delivering the highest quality materials and offering automatic movement watches at an affordable price. The luxurious pieces accomplish all that and more.

Wontag Watches boast the following features:

Seiko automatic movement
High quality leather strap
5 ATM waterproof
Stainless steel case
Mineral crystal
See-through case back with crystal face
Diamater 42mm
Thickness 13mm

"You don't want to pay for branding, marketing, logos, designer names, etc. You want pay for high quality material and craftsmanship that will last," adds Navarro. "You want the value on your watch, you want a watch reflecting the money you spent on it. This is Wontag."

Wontag is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2qFmHh5.

About Wontag Watches
Founded in 2017,Wontag Watches was inspired by Venice, the Italian coastal town from which we borrow a warm spirit and a minimalist mindset. We create watches, always driven by our guiding principle: Good design for better living. The key, as we see it, is simplicity—capturing only what's truly essential in an uncomplicated, great-looking way.Our understated products look right any time of day, anywhere in the world, now or 10 years from now. Simplicity isn't just beautiful. It's versatile.

For more information on Wontag please visit https://www.wontag.com.