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Wooden Ecologically-Friendly Cards Now Readily Available at Universal Smart Cards


Borehamwood, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2020 --Universal Smart Cards has long been well-versed with the best advancements in smart card technology, and the company always seeks to provide its clients with only the most superior-quality smart cards and smart card accessories and solutions around. Today, Universal Smart Cards leads the way once again with its new collection of wooden ecologically-friendly cards, which are readily available for customer use.

Smart cards have already been utilized by numerous companies in different industries and sectors, and they have proven their effectiveness in terms of physical and logical access, secure logins, contactless transactions, and more. Universal Smart Cards is one organisation that understands the real importance of smart cards and the related technology, and this is why it has always made it a point to provide customers and clients with only the best technology and solutions it can find so they can further enhance and improve their operations and support for customers as well.

Today, Universal Smart Cards is recognised as a leader in the smart card sector, and its services include smart card technologies and solutions as well as accessories like smart card readers, consumables and printers, printing software, and more. And now, Universal Smart Cards has also upgraded its offerings with a whole new environmentally-friendly product in its range: eco-friendly wooden cards.

Eco-friendly wooden cards are a big thing nowadays, and they are increasing in popularity as a wonderful alternative to PVC cards. These wooden cards are not only highly useful and effective, but they are also great for businesses wanting to improve their eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The wooden card is now readily available at Universal Smart Cards, and it features designs which make it even more aesthetically pleasing. But aside from this, the wooden cards at Universal Smart Cards come in a wide assortment of woods, from cherry to bamboo to birch, walnut, sapele, beech, and more. Even better than this, however, is the fact that the wooden card is available in a broad selection of technologies, which includes most of the contactless technologies today such as NTAG, MIFARE Ultralight, Classic, and more. Because of this, clients can easily integrate their wooden cards into their current systems as well.

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Universal Smart Cards has established itself as a leading name in smart cards and smart card solutions in the UK, and its array of products and solutions include smart cards as well as printers and consumables, card printing software, wristbands, labels, and tags, accessories, and eco products as well as Mifare cards of the highest and best quality. For the latest info on smart cards and more, visit the site.