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Work at Home Parents Enjoy Many Benefits

Including Being Able to Care for Sick Children


Margate, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2008 -- Working parents everywhere are realizing the extra benefits of working from home including being there for their children when they are sick. In fact, Diana Ennen, president of Virtual Word Publishing was recently featured on CBS Channel 4 News in Miami, on a segment on working parents and handling sick children and states that one of the biggest advantages to being self employed is the ability to not send her kids to school sick.

Ennen states, “I’ve walked to school and seen the agony on a parent’s face when they have had to drop their children off at school ill, just because they couldn’t take time off from work. Not only is it sad for the parents, but also the other children in the classroom are now exposed to added germs as well. Changes need to be made.”

Apparently lawmakers think it’s a good idea too. Officials from 11 states are considering a bill that would make paid sick days a basic labor standard. Even Presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are involved, coming out in support of mandatory paid sick days. Also Congress may vote on the Healthy Families Act, which would require businesses with fifteen or more employees to give workers at least seven paid sick days per year.

These are changes that all should support. However, businesses don’t need legislation to make a change. A simple change in company policy is all that is needed to protect the health and well being of their most valued assets, their employees and their families. If companies allowed sick days for employees when they kids were sick, we would see a dramatic drop in diseases, and also employees would be more satisfied at work.

Some might also find it beneficial to do as Ennen did and consider working from home. By staying at home, Ennen has been able to work while caring for three children including her 10- year-old daughter Amber. “My hours are my own and the flexibility is just great,” said Ennen. Amber appreciates the added attention she gets and has told me that one of the greatest things about me working from home is that I’m there for her when she is sick. For her to realize that is very gratifying,” added Ennen.

Ennen has been working from home since 1985 when she decided to quit her job and start her own business as a virtual assistant, writing press releases, marketing authors and their books and offering virtual assistant and PR coaching. Ennen has written several books about starting a virtual assistant business including Virtual Assistant - The Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA and The Corel Word Perfect, Virtual Assistant Solution Pack.

To read more about Ennen or view the CBS video in more detail go to Ennen’s site at Virtual Word Publishing