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Workout or Walkout, Inc. Launches a Great Way to Remember and Stick with a New Year's Resolution


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2016 --Every New Year people make resolutions about their health. The number one promise is to exercise more, keep in shape, and be healthy. As noted by many, these resolutions are fast broken. Experts note that the lack of resolution reminders play a major factor in the failure to do the action necessary. Workout or Walkout, an online fitness store, wants to break this trend by offering its customers a great way to remember, and stick to, their New Year's resolution to keep in shape. One great way is to have one of their newly-launched trademark posters on the wall.

"I started this company after I waited more than 10 minutes to use a machine at the gym because someone was sitting on it while playing video games on his phone. They claimed to be 'resting' between sets. So, I told him to work out or get out. A few days later Workout or Walkout was born. Let's focus on getting healthier as individuals and a society while celebrating our diversity in shapes and form. Think about health first when you workout, shape will come later" says the company's Founder/CEO while outlining the company's commitment to helping individuals achieve their health goals.

"Anyone with a cell phone or a social media page definitely has enough time to work out. All you need is a solid 10-15minutes. Our company's trademark name and logos help cut down the excuses so make a date with us and keep your healthy promises alive," concluded the company's CEO.

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Workout or Walkout, Inc. is an online one-stop-shop fitness product warehouse where customers can purchase fitness equipment, apparels, nutritional supplements, and fitness accessories to help with their fitness goals. 

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