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World Famous Beverly Hills Tennis Academy Offers Santa Monica Tennis Lessons

Head Coach Roger Zamudio who can teach a child from the age of two how to play tennis is looking to teach children and adults in Santa Monica how to play competitive tennis


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2016 --A tennis academy that has recently gained the attention of tennis fans around the world by showing a child of the age of two can be taught how to play professional tennis has announced they are now offering tennis lessons in Santa Monica. Beverly Hills Tennis Academy aims to make professional tennis coaching available to all and help those who wish to learn how to play tennis or improve their game, become the best they can.

For many years it was claimed that tennis could not be taught to everyone, a claim that Beverley Hills Tennis Academy Head Coach Roger Zamudio proved was wrong. It was then claimed that it would be impossible for a child of two to be taught how to play tennis, again Head Coach Roger Zamudio showed the world that was not true by teaching a twenty-six-month-old baby called Noah how to play tennis.

Beverley Hills Tennis Academy Head Coach Roger Zamudio said: "Noah is capable of serving, rally, volley and gets over the net as many as 80 balls without missing! But the most impressive part of his game is he learned to make adjustments on his own to get the ball over the net. In other words, he is becoming an independent player that can figure out how to make changes and adjustments in his game; it will help him to win tennis matches in the future."

Academy Head Coach Roger Zamudio who has 30 years experience as an elite Tennis Coach and has taught around the world is now offering his experience to those living and working in Santa Monica.

Beverley Hills Tennis Academy is offering a whole range of tennis coaching, including private tennis lessons, semi-private lessons, group lessons as well as family lessons. With highly qualified instructors under the guidance of head coach Roger Zamudio, students will not only be taught by some of the best in the tennis world, but they will also be improving their tennis skills at some of the best Santa Monica tennis courts.

"We provide a fun, friendly and easy going environment, providing a great way to learn how to play tennis or improve skills," said a spokesman for Beverley Hills Tennis Academy.

To learn more about Beverley Hills Tennis Academy and learn how to play tennis for fun or to become the next number one in the world like Andy Murray, please visit

About Beverley Hills Tennis Academy
Beverley Hills Tennis Academy provide tennis lessons in a fun environment, providing those who wish to learn about the wonderful game and how to play it, with some of the best tennis instructors in the USA.