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World Post Calling for Using Parcel Lockers During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2020 --Since the WHO announced to use "pandemic" to report the global disease spreading instead of "epidemic". However, the situation of the fighting against the coronavirus has been escalating as more and more countries are under severe circumstances where all the supplies are not enough to face the huge number of patients.

In order to deal with the serious pandemic, lots of countries issued policies to force people to stay at home for self-isolation. The restriction claims that everybody has to stay at home for at least a week and wait for further instructions from the government. If people need to go outside anyway as the basic shopping demands and some emergency medical needs, the social distance of 2m is required to obey to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

After such strict restrictions were released, there were limited places for people to go to but home. Except for the basic necessities procurement, online shopping is another a practical option for most users who are willing to choose products at home via the Internet. However, the demand for online shopping still challenging the global logistic system as many post offices are reported temporarily shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic at the moment.

As two of the key giants in the online shopping industry, Amazon and Ebey was not influenced by the fear of the virus. On the contrary, there are plenty of services of them to make sure the normal purchase smoothly conduct. For example, Amazon decided to open the shopping platform through the pandemic but customers might need to wait their parcels arrive till the final government approval is announced.

However, because huge patients are diagnosed within weeks, the no-contact delivery is introduced to make the safest distance between strangers and all parcels that deliver to the post offices or residences are not require signature any more as it is likely to increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. In fact, self-service delivery was put forward to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus that has already been invented to save the human resources and time. Parcel locker, for instance, is one of the typical solutions to deal with the last-mile delivery.

Hangzhou DongCheng Electronic is one of the leading intelligent locker suppliers in terms of the Chinese logistics industry. The dedication to the technology development and parcel locker production indicate DongCheng Electronic is a professional supplier and manufacturer. Following the slogan " Tech makes life better, Intelligence makes life easier", DongCheng Electronic Co., Ltd keeps its focus on innovations, especially on parcel locker product line, trying to provide customers with a better parcel delivery and storage solution.

Smart parcel locker plays an important role in the product line of the professional locker manufacturer. Now, Dongcheng Electronic has various applications of smart locker , including basic parcel locker, refrigerator locker for freezing fresh and food warm locker. These lockers are able to help individuals to freely access the goods they order online.

Moreover, Dongcheng Electronic was managed to apply its technology in its showcases. The last mile delivery used to be a puzzle for both shippers and receivers in terms of collecting parcels as some may run into package missing issues. However, with the assistance of Dongcheng Electronic on smartly storing parcels, convenience is basically about solving the dilemma of whether people should wait for the parcel to arrive for a long time and both the postman and customer can contact less during the outbreak of virus pandemic. Imagine when the postman collects the parcel sent by the online seller and deliver the parcel immediately to the parcel locker nearby by the receiver's address. When the logistic process is over, the postman only needs to text the receiver to inform the specific number of the box until customers manage to collect their parcels.

The pandemic seems a burden as many industries were affected and forced to stop for security protection, but the logistics will never be postponed because the delivery solution is always here for help.