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World's First Credit Card Sized Bluetooth Video Game Controller Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2014 --Engineering Guru Nathan Cohorst announces the patent for his credit card sized game controller has been approved, And is now currently crowdsourcing to raise funds for production. This little device is far different from any other game controller seen on the market.

The completely wireless controller is designed to communicate via Bluetooth to almost any mobile device or computer. Containing within its soft but rigid sealed body is the ultra-reliable Lithium-Polymer battery allowing for 2 hours game time and easy recharging with a micro-usb cord.

This unit has 12 high quality mechanical “click” buttons that are designed to accommodate all the original game systems like Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and much more. The 2 shoulder buttons automatically retract into the unit when its turned off for easy placement into your wallet. On the back, 2 ergonomic grooves have been placed strategically to allow for comfortable game play, despite the size.

Another feature that sets this controller apart from any other is its onboard storage (up to 64 GB). This allows the user to save game information, save points, or entire games straight onto the unit so that they can be used on any device.

The combination of microcontroller and memory options available inside this controller allows for great possibilities in the market. For game developers, Customized controllers preloaded with their game can be sold as a package, resulting in a much more valuable product. For consumers, many different models can be made to accommodate the user. And for engineering, it provides the perfect bidirectional card sized Bluetooth communication device for robotics or projects!

The creators of the Genx Cardtroller say it is the perfect gift idea and addition to any gamers wallet, for easy game play anywhere.

About Nathan Cohorst
"I Grew up being completely obsessed with electronics and machines. At age 14 I designed and prepared my first patent. The inventing was non-stop though school and I knew I had a full blown gift for technology, I earned a degree in computer science and engineering technologies and founded Genx Innovations in 2005. It started out as a repair service, but for my love of inventing it quickly became a engineering and fabrication business. for the last 10 years I've been helping people create ideas and fabricate solutions for problems, no matter how unorthodox. From designing systems that can turn used hard drive platters into platinum coated mirrors for cutting lasers, to research and development for water powered engines (as seen in our Mitsubishi Montero). Another feat thats well known is our previous work with Gamestop, where we in charge of designing the automated CD/DVD resurfacing machines that can handle the thousands of disks we all see in Gamestops everywhere in the US, Yep Thats us!. The concept behind Genx Innovations is a pure extension of my passion for designing/creating/solving problems/teaching/helping people and just making the world a better place to be in. Just imagine this - the day before I launched this campaign, there was no such thing as a credit card sized bluetooth controller, TOTAL SCIENCE FICTION! But by Dec 7 it could become a reality in an instant - And in just a matter of a few months it could be your next coolest toy. Its up to you guys! Share this with everyone you know. And if your further interested in my bio - Just let me know I'm an open book for ideas and knowledge."