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World's First Customizable Foam Roller Launched to Relieve Any Aching Muscle Group with Adjustable Massage Rings

Helping fatigued athletes and fitness buffs “Stay On Track” Vinchay Labs launches a game-changer that simplifies muscle recovery. Offered in pre-sale at 25% off, the Vinchay Roller is the world’s first customizable foam roller for myofascial release. Used to break apart scar tissue in sore muscles, the foam roller is a veritable one-stop-shop for therapeutic self-massage.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2015 --With innovation in tow, Vinchay Labs has found a way to mass-produce massage by way of three fully-customizable pounds. Enter, the Vinchay Roller - A.K.A. the only foam roller a fitness enthusiast will ever need. Designed with myriad therapeutic solutions designed to fit any muscle group, the game-changing foam roller gets its verve from adjustable massage rings. These interchangeable dynamos vary in firmness and design and can be positioned anywhere along the foam roller. Used as a tool, it can literally break apart the scar tissue and adhesions accumulated in the muscle fascia. Thereby restoring the muscle so athletes can fully actualize their potential in sport and in life.

The evolution of strategic self-massage puts the Vinchay Roller in a class all its own. By manipulating muscles via adjustable massage rings placed along the product's 28 x 7 HDPE core athletes decide how much pressure to apply and where. With military strength the sleek, lightweight core is further supported by the heat-sealed EVA foam designed to withstand vigorous use.

Christopher Yi, CEO and Co-Founder of Vinchay Labs said of the importance of foam roller exercises, "We're excited to introduce such a superior product to the millions of Americans who need relief from muscle soreness and injury. I used our prototype myself to recover from my own debilitating back injury. And though that injury kept my life on hold for a good part of 2013, with foam rolling I was able to finally achieve peak performance. I know The Vinchay Roller works not only because I built it, but because I use it every day."

So how does it work? The foam roll helps to align and smooth muscular irregularities and break the muscular pain cycle at its root. This accelerates the healing process and restores muscular balance. With a three step process the self-massage tool can be configured to the firmness and width needed for foam roller stretches. Just the core alone can be used for light massage and warmups. The 2X support is meant to be used on less sensitive body areas with medium intensity; while the 4X aggressive support is designed for deep tissue massage.

Already categorized as the best foam roller for soothing muscles with soft tissue techniques, the design of the foam roll was a collaborative effort. Vinchay Labs worked with mixed martial artists, physicians, yogis, cross-trainers, physical therapists, dancers, personal trainers, runners and bodybuilders to create The Vinchay Roller. Aesthetically pleasing, the fitness recovery product accommodates every user from runners to bodybuilders, cross-trainers and risk-takers.

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Vinchay Labs is a cutting edge sporting goods company founded in fall 2013. The company is dedicated to providing athletes with the tools and information they need to thrive in today's high-intensity sports world. Vinchay Labs is comprised of athletes, scientists, and designers who understand dynamic sports tools that keep athletes in the game for life.

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