World's First IoT Drinking Glass Launches Campaign on Indiegogo


Reggio Emilia, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --The Internet of Things is about to revolutionize the way people meetup for a drink at the pub with a new, smart glass by Italian start-up, iFRASCA s.r.l. To promote their color customizable smart glass, EBROST, and to raise funds for the release of the product, the team of designers and engineers are launching a campaign on the popular crowdfunding site for innovations, Indiegogo.

EBROST is a smart drinking glass that elevates pub meetups into a highly engaging social interaction. The advanced technology behind the glass allows users to choose the color of their drinking glass and program how the colors change through their smartphone app via Bluetooth BLE.

Users can personalize their drinking experience with 8 RGB LED lights with seemingly infinite settings to signal friends and acquaintances, to establish oneself as part of a group, and to ensure that drinks are never confused again as each individual can customize their glass as much as they want instantaneously. Carriers of the glass will also enjoy drink discounts at participating locations, making drinking with EBROST even more exciting.

Aside from making social gatherings more interesting and fun, EBROST is also an excellent tool for businesses, teams, and other organizations that want to promote their brand. Through the Indiegogo campaign, individuals and groups can have customized back stickers on the glasses and pub locations can enjoy advertising on the app to let users know they are one of the growing numbers of EBROST destinations.

EBROST features a rechargeable battery, wireless charging, and a free-to-download universal app. There is an accelerometer and temperature sensor inside the base of the glass, which serves to set the colors and the activation/deactivation modes in response to movement or the presence of liquid in the glass. Made in Italy using only high-quality, ethically sourced materials, iFRASCA is committed to providing not just a socially engaging products for all EBROST 'friends' but also a product that is socially responsible and that people can be proud to carry around.

Presently in the pre-sale phase, participating pubs, known as EBROST Points, can order glasses with their logo, providing a powerful and engaging marketing tool. The glasses will be sent out in May. Individual contributors can enjoy a perpetual digital mention and will have the opportunity to become official EBROST resellers.

The founders behind this innovative glass intend to provide much more than smart technology, but also a platform for engagement. Becoming an EBROST friend by signing up through the app (no glass required to become a part of the interaction!), users get the chance to be involved in this growing community. Friends can share well-loved pub locations with other friends around the world and even get to know the founders. The team at iFRASCA appreciate getting to know their supporters personally and will continually create opportunities for greater interaction and engagement.

To learn more about EBROST and upcoming Indiegogo campaign, which will launch in January, visit

Located in Reggio nell'Emilia, iFRASCA s.r.l. is a new consumer-tech start-up with a passion for bringing people together with innovative products. The team consists of engineer Mirco Frascaroli, Mirta Frascaroli, Alice Vandi, and Camilla Marziana. The EBROST smart drinking glass is their first product, which is already beginning to change the way that people approach social gatherings.