Eram Scientific Solutions (ESS)

World's Leading E-Toilet Company Is Now Ready with `Covid Combat Ready E-Toilets'


Thiruvananthapuram, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2020 --Personal hygiene has never been able to garner the kind of attention in the history of mankind as it now does in these pandemic times. Being the global e-Toilet leader, it's more an obligation fulfilled than a business diversification engineered for Eram Group as it comes up with `Covid-19 Combat Ready e-Toilet'.

Eram Scientific- headquartered in Kerala had hit the global headlines way back in 2015 when it was chosen for the prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates grant under the ``Reinvent the Toilet Challenge'' programme. Now Kerala, the southernmost state of India is looked up with awe and admiration by many for the effective handling of Covid-19, which incidentally raised its head first in the state (in January 2020) before it was reported anywhere else in the country.

``This adds up to our responsibility towards the world. Social intervention and touching personal lives cannot be something we can leave completely to governments and NGOS. It's out of our responsibility to humanity that we worked towards making Eram's time tested e-Toilets Covid Combat Ready. In this endeavour, we have combined technologies like UV, Bio Enzyme, Nano materials, Auto Flush, Waste Processing etc to auto disinfect toilets after every single use'', says Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, CMD Eram Group.

The company is at present actively engaged in setting up programmes and infrastructure in urban areas to offer disinfection support to public facilities. Eram is keenly working on integration of technologies to process waste and convert it into valuables like energy, fertilizer etc. ``Of course, the technology interventions and integration of the same calls for wider co-operation among close working groups. We are exactly into the same as we take up more challenges that we as a human race confronts. We need to explore more green options to effectively convert waste into valuables especially so when we are equipped with technology for the same''', said Dr Ahmed.

The concept of unmanned electronic public toilet was nothing short of a revolution in a country like India when it was launched in 2010. E-toilet works on a sensor based technology and has a self-cleaning and water conservation mechanism. It is maintained and monitored through a GPRS enabled system. Eram Scientific has installed thousands of e-Toilets in India and aboard, winning several accolades. The ISE-FICCI Sanitation Award, Toilet Titan Award, Swachathon 1.0 award, Innovation India Award, National Urban Water Award are a few to name. ``Currently, e-Toilets are being exported to Kuwait, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Haiti. A future partnership with Saudi Arabia for providing sustainable sanitation solutions is on the anvil as Eram is reaching out to more GCC countries'', said Dr Ahmed.