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World's Smallest 9-in-1 100W GaN Charger and Hub Launched on Indiegogo

Portable Versatile Charger with Full Hub capabilities allows users to power two laptops simultaneously while using 4K HDMI Display


City of Industry, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2020 --Indiegogo is today the launchpad for ADG 100W GaN Charger & Hub at, a portable versatile charger with full hub capabilities that is actually the World's Smallest 9-in-1 Charger and Hub. This is a pocket-size device that due to its 100W GaN technology is extremely compact as much as it is powerful and multifunctional.

"Many charging hubs claim to be multifunctional, but they don't make every function available simultaneously or they don't offer as many functions. ADG 100W GaN offers 9 functions, and it is built to let users extract the value of each one of its features smoothly and at the same time," Stephen Jones, Director of ADG Wireless, said.

ADG 100W GaN Charger & Hub is the first charger and hub to allow users to simultaneously power two laptops, use an HDMI 4K60HZ HDR port for a pristine visual display, and use its Gigabit Ethernet Port to directly connect a computer to a WiFi router to enjoy a faster and safer internet connection.

"This multi-functional hub is designed to be the perfect sidekick of any modern professional. You can literally plug everything at the same time, charging up to four devices simultaneously," Mr. Jones added. The device comes with three USB-C ports supporting Power Delivery 3.0 and one USB-A port supporting Quick Charge 3.0. "No matter which device from which brand you're using, you can connect it to ADG 100W GaN and have it quickly charged," Jones observed.

ADG 100W GaN Charger & Hub also allows for a fast data transfer experience using its SD and MicroSD ports, which can also be used simultaneously, offering a range of functionalities that cover all the work-related and even entertainment-oriented needs of modern users.

For audiophiles, ADG 100W GaN's 3.5mm Audio Jack further adds a superb audio experience to the equation. All these features are combined in a device that weighs only 210g, measuring 94 x 76 x 30mm. "It's not an exaggeration: you can actually put it in your pocket and take it anywhere," the project creator further stated.

The compact and highly efficient nature of this device is due to its Gallium Nitride semiconductor material, which allows power devices to operate at higher voltages and switching frequency, resulting in smaller and more efficient chargers such as this special one launched today on Indiegogo.

The miniature-like dimensions of ADG 100W GaN Charger & Hub make this a travel-friendly device, especially considering that it comes with a pin converter that makes it suitable for different countries. The campaign at to fund the production of this device is seeking to raise $5,000 on Indiegogo and offers early and discounted access to the charger and hub in exchange for the support from backers.