"Worst Ever" Slam by Yahoo! Boosts Sales of New ThiPad Tablet Stand


Fairfield, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2013 --In their May 17th "Digital Crave" shopping blog, Yahoo! included the new ThiPad thigh-mounted tablet stand in a piece titled "The Worst iPad Accessories—Ever."

"And they did us a favor," says Jerry McTigue, creator of the ThiPad. "Because the hundreds of readers who went to the website to see just how bad a product it was, actually discovered how good it was. And they started buying it."

McTigue believes that if the ThiPad can gain converts with horrible publicity like that, there's no telling what it would do if given a fair evaluation. He maintains that the so-called reporter never bothered to obtain a sample of the product and try it out. "Rather, he based his snide judgements on website images and a pre-prejudiced need to round up targets for a snark attack," says McTigue. "This is the kind of shoot-from-the-hip, junk journalism that's typical of the Internet, intended to throw red meat to ridicule-hungry trolls. Yet it can be potentially devastating to people making an honest living creating products that deliver real value to users."

The ThiPad Hands-Free Tablet Stand straps securely to the leg just above the knee, with a non-slip surface that snugly holds any-sized tablet computer, including iPads, Kindles, Nooks, Androids, smartphones, and other mobile devices, in their cases or out. It provides hours of comfortable viewing, working, typing, playing games, or practicing with a musical instrument, without tying up the hands or tiring out the arms.

McTigue invites reputable journalists and media organizations to request a review sample of the product so they can give it a fair and impartial test run. "Then they can love it, hate it, pan it, or praise it, as they see fit," he says. "But we think they'll be surprised at how securely the new ThiPad fits and how beautifully it performs."

To request a review sample, contact or 203-254-7789. To learn more visit