WRAPTIE, The Smartest Strap in the World, Ties Down Anything, Fast


Taipei, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2017 --WRAPTIE, the world's smartest multi-function strap, has been designed and developed to hold and secure items far easier then ever before. The industrial grade, elasticated strap will be available in three lengths to be used in place of traditional bungee cords or tie-down webbing straps, which are notoriously slow and fiddly to position to be exactly right.

Exceptionally strong, it has been designed to put an end to situations where time is wasted trying to hold items in position while struggling to bind them together or secure them in place for travel.

WRAPTIE has been developed by Mark Blackburn, Engineer and Founder of One Brown Planet, and Paul McNeill, Inventor and Engineer. They say that WRAPTIE is suitable for industrial and professional use, as well as around the home and for traveling. In fact, WRAPTIE will be a huge benefit anywhere and anytime that tools and equipment need to be bundled together or held safely in place.

The way it works is that the WRAPTIE has a Multi-Function Fast Grab End at one end, a revolutionary patent pending fastening system along its length, and a High Strength loop at the other end. Attach WRAPTIE to the item to be secured using the Fast Grab end. Alternatively, secure it to another WRAPTIE, thereby doubling its length. Wrap the strap around the item as many times as required and secure the surplus strap in place using the fastening system. No loose ends are left dangling. The High Strength loop on the other end of the strap makes tying down one item, or multiple items, quick and easy.

WRAPTIE can even be operated with one hand. This makes it ideal for holding coiled hoses and rope, camping gear and luggage, and securing items to roof bars or roof racks during transit, such as surf boards, ladders, canoes or kayaks.

Benefits of WRAPTIE include:

- Easy to store, so no time is wasted untangling knots
- Available in 130 cm, 180 cm, and 240 cm lengths
- Join multiple WRAPTIEs together to achieve longer lengths
- Scratch and Rust-proof
- Made from sustainable materials

Testing on prototypes has been finalized and WRAPTIE is ready for production when funds are in place. Available on Indiegogo, various perks are available, including a limited Indiegogo special of just $22 for two 130 cm straps.

Find out more on the Indiegogo page here: