MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Introduces A Powerful Writing Software Program

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors can have a negative effect on consumers. WhiteSmoke's writing software helps businesses and individuals avoid making embarrassing mistakes in communications, documents, or speeches.


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2011 --MyReviewsNow Shop At Home is pleased to announce its affiliation with the WhiteSmoke writing software program for businesses and individuals. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are unprofessional and lead to lost sales, but the WhiteSmoke programs can help companies and professionals improve the quality of their spoken and written words.

WhiteSmoke is an entire suite of writing software with different programs for certain industries. Each program's core features include a dictionary, templates for common projects, and a thesaurus. However, the star of WhiteSmoke's programs is the proprietary grammar checker.

Although many programs include a basic grammar and spell checker, WhiteSmoke's writing software will catch thousands of common mistakes. WhiteSmoke's direct comparison with Microsoft Word shows that WhiteSmoke programs can discover mistakes such as contextual spelling errors, incomplete phrases, and possessive constructions that Word overlooks.

The WhiteSmoke database of phrases and words is constantly being updated with new information. Although other programs are never updated after users make their purchase, each WhiteSmoke program automatically connects to a constantly changing database to provide accurate feedback to customers. Users are encouraged to submit reports to the company if they believe they have found an error.

All of WhiteSmoke's programs are compatible with Apple and Windows products, and the company may be bringing out new versions for mobile devices in the future. WhiteSmoke will run on Windows versions that are newer than the 2000 operating system and any Mac OS. The programs will function from any native text application, or users can activate the integrated Microsoft Outlook interface to check the writing in their emails.

WhiteSmoke currently offers the Executive Package and individual writing profiles. The Executive Package has the standard WhiteSmoke 2011, all of the profiles, and a dictionary covering multiple languages. The Executive Package is the only program to include the bonus Legal Writing and Hi-Tech Writing profiles.

The WhiteSmoke 2011 Business Writing Profile has all of the core features, and the package's dictionary has a strong emphasis on business-related terms. Although the Business Writing Profile is designed for small businesses, larger companies and professionals will also benefit from the writing software.

WhiteSmoke's 2011 Creative Writing Profile is designed to spark artistic expression and creativity in users. An enhanced thesaurus helps users find the right words for their needs. This profile is popular among authors, poets, and students.

The Bio-Tech Writing Profile specializes in bio-technology and medical terminology. Over 100,000 medical terms are defined and explained for users. The Bio-Tech Writing Profile is suitable for doctors, medical students, or nurses.

Users without specific needs should consider the General Writing Profile. It is designed for professionals such as freelancers, students, or teachers who often produce writing on various topics. Professional bloggers may also benefit from the General Writing Profile.

WhiteSmoke now offers the WhiteSmoke Translator and WhiteSmoke Lessons in addition to the writing profiles. The translation software supports text translation between nine languages, and the WhiteSmoke Lessons teach English to users with a series of interactive tests and video tutorials.

The WhiteSmoke Executive Package is currently priced at $149.95, but the full price is $249.95. WhiteSmoke is also offering the All Inclusive Pack 2011 for $119.95, discounted from a full price of $199.95. The All Inclusive Pack 2011 has the Business, Creative, and General profiles. Additional writing softwarelicenses may be purchased for $29.95, and a backup CD for any of the programs is $14.95.

WhiteSmoke Translator is free when purchased with the General Writing Profile for $99.95, and WhiteSmoke Lessons is available for $199.95. All of the prices are limited offers, and customers should take advantage of the discounts before WhiteSmoke's prices return to normal.

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