WTF? Book Series Author Seeks Crowdfund Support for His Upcoming Laughathon "Obamaland"

Popular “WTF?” book series author Greg Bergman has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of his upcoming feature comedy “Obamaland” that shows a hilarious take on the bizarre conspiratorial theories posed by the far right wing against Obama coming to life.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2016 --Famous "WTF?" book series author Greg Bergman has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his upcoming feature comedy "Obamaland". Mocking the hyperbolic conspiratorial theories forwarded by the right wing against Obama, the film explores a journey which shows what would happen if all the things alleged by the far right turn true.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $10,000 by October 24, 2016.

"We are excited to bring to you our upcoming feature comedy 'Obamaland', which, we are hopeful, would be able to make you laugh your heart out. It's a hilarious take on the bizarre conspiratorial theories posed by the far right wing against Obama that we have all heard about- and the film shows what if all such hyperbolic hysteric assumptions come true. There is no political or religious agenda here; we just want you to have a great time which is much needed in the turmoil of contemporary political crisis. Moreover, somewhere with its funny dialogues and antics, the film will also urge you to assess and perceive the current political situation rationally as the future of our nation is largely dependent on that. At present, we are in the post production stage and we are looking forward to have a grand premiere of the film at LA & NY. But such an event demands robust financial backup and hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support would be much appreciated." stated Bergman, the writer & executive producer of "Obamaland".

Bergman's film talks about a godless, gun less America where Obama is the self-declared Lifetime President of the United States of America. After being elected for the 3rd time, he starts on all the ridiculous assumptions that the far right wing alleged against him, channeling the whole nation as per his whims & fancy. But a ragtag team of "Real Americans" is determined to end the mayhem around and plots to take America back from the grasp of the President, and thus commence Second American Revolution.

"With election just round the corner, we are looking to finish the film by the last quarter of September only so that you get to form an informed opinion prior to the vote. It's neither pro-Obama nor anti-Obama- rather its anti-conspiratorial and pro rationalization. It's geared to help you in questioning the absurdity of the exaggerated assumptions going around. But all in all, 'Obamaland' is all about having a gala time."

A good host of great perks/gifts are waiting for the backers. These include digital version of "Obamaland", DVD of the movie, Premiere TiX, special shout out on social media from the "Obamaland" team and so on. Pledges reaching $500 and $1,000 would be additionally rewarded with the privilege of enjoying dinner with Bergman himself and skeleton Nancy Pelosi (a vital part of "Obamaland" crew) and the honor of being credited as Associate Producer, respectively. Further donations up to $5,000 would be rewarded with Bergman's beloved Nancy Pelosi and signed Obamaland official map.

To show your support for "Obamaland", please visit the Kickstarter campaign.