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X-Panda Gmtk Entered the Market as Traditional Games Exited


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 --Singapore Xingji Blockchain Limited Company is led and created by a professional group with years of rich practical experience in the Internet industry. New blockchain game X-panda is one of their outstanding works. It integrates qualities of play-ability, excellent visual effect and great innovation.

Why play a game? To enjoy the pleasure of fighting, or nurturing, or gaining profits? Everyone wants different things in each game he/she chooses. You can fight all you want in a battle game. You can enjoy the process of watching a program grows slowly in your hands. Now the appearance of blockchain has made it possible for the players to simultaneously enjoy the pleasure of nurturing and actually gaining profits from the game, with the use of blockchain technology, the player can have his/her exclusive virtual image which is different from any other characters in the game. No other players can completely replicate your character. Even better, the player can use this character in different games.

Players cherish all objects that they've put emotion into, and the lifeline of traditional games are firmly controlled by developers and operators, they can change or close the game whenever they want, which would destroy everything that the players have devoted to the game, the interests of players can't be protected. Blockchain xpanda gmtk is a new application model of such technologies as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encrypted algorithm etc. The blockchain technology has adopted high redundancy distributed consensus so that it will be hard for private information and property of players to be disclosed or stolen.

The blockchain used in xpanda gmtk is an innovation to traditional games, in previous games, players can only spend money, but revenue they get in the game can not be exchanged for real currencies, which will seriously impact players' experience. GMTK has fixed this problem and realized the exchange of virtual currency for real profit so that the players can actually gain profit from the game, individualization that players pursue is also realized using the features of blockchain, every object in GMTK is tradable.

Blockchain naturally gets everyone to perform his/her own function and ensure tamper-resistance, complete traceability and the function of time stamp, which can effectively solve the problem of traceability and anti-counterfeiting of objects. Errors occurring when players top up the game will cause transfer failure or equipment loss; when equipment is maliciously modified, players will be doubtful about the traceability data due to the lack of credibility of the game industry, it will be unable to carry out accurate authentication and management due to the lack of data, because the game enterprise has concerns when providing operational data, the application of blockchain technology can easily solve all these problems above.

Xpanda gmtk can also make sure the data and transaction records of the game will be open and fair, and it can copy those transaction records to make a log for the players to check, players are both the consumer and owner of the game. Blockchain can confirm rights through time stamp and Hash algorithm, a passage, video, audio etc. can be confirmed if it really exists. Once confirmed on the blockchain, the successive part of a work will be recorded in real-time mode, which can not be deleted or modified, thus protecting the legitimate rights and interests of players.

About GMTK
As nothing is perfect, and GMTK is the first try of incorporating blockchain into games, so there is no experience or lessons to learn for the development of blockchain games, it can only move forward slowly on its own. There is no actual standard for the application of blockchain, but just because of that this new model still has a long way to go and can be further improved, it will be continuously upgraded and maintain dynamic so as to bring a whole different experience to players. I believe xpanda gmtk, which uses blockchain technology, is definitely a game worth looking forward to. It's not perfect. That means we can expect its transformation.