X-Purr Unveils the World's First 'Fitness Pole' Scratching Post for Cats


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2016 --X-Purr, creators of the world's very first 'fitness pole' scratching post for cats, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign running through Oct. 12, 2016. Modeled after the most popular stage pole in the world, the X-Purr Pole is a freestanding cat scratching post that fulfills every cat-owner's dream of seeing their feline 'work the pole' while addressing a cat's natural instinct to rip things to shreds. To view the Kickstarter:

Founded by pole fitness celebrities Natasha Wang (2013 International Pole Championships' Ultimate Champion) and Arloa Reston (2016 North American Pole Dance Grand Masters Champion), the start-up launches with two products, the X-Purr Stage Pole and the X-Purr Pole Cleaner.

The X-Purr Stage Pole is constructed with a sturdy base that resists tipping and is wrapped in durable vinyl screen-printed with the X-Purr logo. The two-foot, 50mm pole is wrapped in heavy-duty sisal custom-dyed with pet-friendly dyes to reproduce the color of chrome. A catnip-filled disco ball sits at the top of the pole, which also features an endcap with the X-Purr logo.

The X-Purr Pole Cleaner, which is sold as a bundle with the X-Purr Stage Pole, or as a standalone, is a catnip spray designed to engage cats in endless hours of healthy and non-addictive playtime with their X-Purr Stage Pole, or any favorite kitty toy. Made from 100% organic North American catnip, the X-Purr Pole Cleaner is super potent and the best legal high a pet will ever experience!

Founders Natasha and Arloa are veterans of the pole fitness industry, with over 20 years combined experience teaching, performing and competing in the U.S. and throughout the world. They met through pole, but bonded over a shared love of cats, and developed the idea for X-Purr after attending CatCon 2016 in Los Angeles.

"We saw the plethora of cat products available at CatCon, and realized there was an untapped market for pole-themed cat toys and accessories," said Natasha Wang, co-founder of X-Purr. "It's a well known fact that pole dancers love cats. For proof, look no further than pole videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, where cats often make an appearance during at-home training sessions."

"Sure, it's cute to see a kitty attempt unsuccessfully to climb a pole, but sometimes they get dangerously in the way, which can be unsafe for both the cat and the pole dancer," added Arloa Reston, co-founder of X-Purr. "We hope X-Purr provides that much-needed distraction so polers can train in peace, or if they want, so they can train with their cat. Who doesn't want to pole dance with their cat?"

The X-Purr Kickstarter runs through Oct. 12, 2016. If successfully funded, Kickstarter backers can purchase the X-Purr Stage Pole and 75ml bottle of Pole Cleaner at an early bird rate of $50 for the bundle (for the first 25 backers) plus shipping, or at the Kickstarter price of $60. X-Purr will need to raise at least $5000 by Oct. 12, 2016 to successfully fund the campaign. Currently X-Purr is only shipping the X-Purr Stage Pole to the USA.

Funds raised through the Kickstarter will be used to purchase manufacturing and shipping supplies, outsource graphic design, sewing and assembly, and for many, many pounds of catnip.

For more information about X-Purr or to find out how to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, visit

About X-Purr
X-Purr designs pole-themed cat toys and accessories, including the X-Purr Stage Pole and the X-Purr Pole Cleaner. Launched in Los Angeles in 2016 by pole fitness celebrities Natasha Wang and Arloa Reston, the X-Purr Stage Pole is a freestanding cat scratching post designed to look like an exercise pole. Catnip-infused and ready to party, the X-Purr Stage Pole allows pole enthusiasts who chronicle their fitness journeys through Instagram and Facebook the opportunity to realize their lifelong dream of POLE DANCING WITH THEIR CATS. It also provides non-polers good clean fun as they watch their felines shimmy around the pole in an inebriated, catnip-induced haze.