XICOMM Attends Capacity 2016 in Europe

XICOMM welcomes the opportunities to connect with new partners while also bringing existing partnerships to the next level


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2016 --XICOMM, LLC, the international voice carrier from San Francisco, California will be attending Capacity Europe 2016, the largest carrier event and conference in Europe taking place this week, November 7th through 9th in Paris, France.

By attending this conference, the team at XICOMM welcomes the opportunities to connect with new partners while also bringing existing partnerships to the next level.

As an experienced voice carrier and service provider, the team at XICOMM knows that the digital world is constantly changing, and there is always something new to learn. By attending Capacity Europe 2016, XICOMM will also have the opportunity to get the latest market insights that will drive new and innovative business strategies.

XICOMM, LLC is a large international voice carrier that offers a number of services, including interconnections, global gateways, cloud services and advanced networking services and solutions. With its original roots in San Francisco, California XICOMM is now a global voice carrier giant, and is known as an industry leader in Africa, the Middle East, and south and pacific Asia. The XICOMM infrastructure has expanded exponentially and has become one of the most advanced communications and solutions provider globally.

Although XICOMM offers various networking and communications services and solutions, and is known throughout the communications industry as a global giant and service provider, what truly powers the team at XICOMM is knowing that networking is the key to helping businesses to grow with the interconnection of various carriers and operators all over the world. Not only does the team at XICOMM show this through their services, but is also a key reason for attending this year's Capacity Europe event.

About Capacity 2016 Europe
Capacity Europe was established based on the demand and need for technology, communications, and data trading. As technology continues to advance, and as the focus and demand for data increases, cloud and digital services are expanding in order to keep up with this demand. Wholesale carriers are also expanding their portfolios to keep up with these trends and even get ahead of their competition to be ready for tomorrow's demands.

Each year, over 2000 senior-level attendees and over 500 companies attend Capacity Europe, making it the largest carrier conference in Europe. Attendees range from new service providers, who are brand new to the world of communications and digital solutions to OTT players, cloud security providers, and large enterprises, representing more than 80 countries.

With three days of various professional platforms for formal, face-to-face business meetings, companies showcasing their new products and/ or services in the exhibition room, and connecting with new and old partners and even negotiating deals, Capacity Europe provides opportunities unlike any other event.

The mission behind Capacity Europe is to help organizations, businesses, companies and startups drive strategies into the digital future.

Contact: To learn more about XICOMM, LLC California, its advanced network and communication services and other interconnections, and how businesses all over the world can grow, expand, and develop further with a reputable service provider, contact the team at XICOMM today located at the headquarters in San Francisco, California by calling 415-839-1027.

Visitors are also encouraged to complete the online request form, or by emailing the team at info@xicomm.com.