XICOMM Prepares for Transformational Year for Network Security


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2017 --One of the biggest trends in the telecommunications industry today is security. In a day and age when the news and media are filled events involving data breaches, security attacks, and compromised networks, businesses of all shapes and sizes are taking security measures seriously, especially when it selecting their next service and/ or network provider.

Although XICOMM, LLC offers a number of services, including interconnections, global gateways, cloud services and switching, and advanced networking, XICOMM also takes clients' security concerns seriously. This has made XICOMM realize that they need to protect not only their networks and infrastructures, but also the data that is transferred through their systems, especially as software and networks become increasingly intricate and complex.

Part of what powers the team at XICOMM is knowing that secure networking is the key to helping businesses safely and securely interconnect with various carriers and operators all over the world.

XICOMM, LLC is an international voice carrier with original roots in San Francisco, California in 2008. XICOMM quickly grew from a small telecommunications company to launching their own network, which positioned them to become the successful global entity they are known as today. XICOMM has more than 160 carriers all over the world, and has become a reputable and well-known industry leader in Africa, the Middle East, and south and pacific Asia.

The XICOMM team has spent their infancy years developing and improving their infrastructure to better serve clients in the telecom and communications markets. In addition to improving their infrastructure and expanding their service offerings, the XICOMM team has also spent a lot of time focusing on security.

A Transformational Year for Network Security.

XICOMM takes pride in being able to connect businesses together and even help them to grow into global entities via numerous datacenters all over the world. However, this power of accessibility and availability has caused security concerns in recent years. In some cases, security has even compromised business' success.

Therefore, 2017 has become a transformational year for network security. Network operators and businesses are spending more time and resources planning, budgeting, and developing security solutions as well as taking proper precautions to ensuring compliance. As a result, XICOMM will continue to realign their service offerings to ensure that their networks are secure and are compliant with legislation and guidelines, especially as future technological advances take shape.

The team at XICOMM understands that the security surrounding advanced networking capabilities is crucial to businesses today. Therefore, businesses need a reliable and dependable network provider they can count on to take security seriously.


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