XIMIVOGUE Has New Franchise Opportunities in Store for 2019

One of the Top Franchises Offers New Business Opportunities


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2019 --XIMIVOGUE, also known as XIMISO, is one of the leading franchise companies and one of the best franchises to own. With these premises, XIMIVOGUE is ready to offer new business opportunities to all those interested in holding a franchise store in 2019.

XIMIVOGUE's international franchise network can now count on more than 1400 stores located in over 70 countries and regions all over the world. On average, two new XIMIVOGUE franchise stores are opening every day somewhere in the world, and each one can attract more than ten thousand customers. Strong attention to branding and an efficient supply chain are some of the secrets behind XIMIVOGUE, and what makes it one of the most successful franchises.

Another XIMIVOGUE's strength is the meticulous attention it pays to its products. This variety store brand can now offer more than 7000 products, spacing from health and beauty to household items, office stationery, fashion accessories, bags and purses, plush toys, and digital accessories. XIMIVOGUE continually improves and updates its products at a rhythm of 800 per month.

Besides the eye-pleasing and fashionable design of its products, XIMIVOGUE also strives to pursue continuous innovation and optimization of its business model. Shawn Ma, the Overseas Operations Manager, described the vision of XIMIVOGUE in such terms: "XIMIVOGUE is like a hybrid between a department store and a low-cost store, and that is why it is considered one of the most innovative fast fashion franchise companies. It combines the affordability of a variety store with the innovation of a designer brand. All of this is paired with offering some of the most profitable franchise opportunities to people willing to open a franchise store anywhere around the world".

However, XIMIVOGUE is not only loved by those interested in new business opportunities or who is already part of its international franchise network. This fast fashion company also receives the support and love of its end customers, who appreciate its convenient products as well as the relaxed and pleasant shopping experience they can have in each XIMIVOGUE franchise store.

One of the standpoints of XIMIVOGUE's business models is to actively respond to the consumers' needs with new easy-to-use and eye-pleasing products. The constant updates of its products are made possible by its unique set of refined management systems, highly efficient operating models, international supply chain systems. XIMIVOGUE has invested in a professional 24-hours after-sales customer service team, an advanced ERP management system, and senior supervisors to help its franchisees.

XIMIVOGUE has big plans in mind to further develop its franchise store network in 2019, by putting more than ten years of experience in the department store and supply chain industries at the service of hundreds of millions of customers and new franchisees. XIMIVOGUE's vision is all about integrating the concepts of "simplicity and sincerity" with environmental-friendly and natural products.

Looking forward to the new opportunities of 2019, XIMIVOGUE strongly believes that this year it will be possible to open the doors to a new era in the international fast fashion industry. All of this is achievable only with the joint support and efforts of XIMIVOGUE as well as its new and experienced franchisees. May 2019 open a new chapter in the growth of this fast fashion designer brand and even more profitable international franchise opportunities to people worldwide.

XIMIVOGUE is a leading Korea-based designer brand and a fast fashion department franchised store. The company headquarters are located at the Guangzhou International Finance Center in Guangzhou, but it also opened other offices in Hangzhou and Yiwu. XIMIVOGUE has been investing money and efforts in creating "green consumer products", which are then sold globally through its franchising network. All XIMIVOGUE products follow the principles of simplicity, sustainability, and high-quality. Besides its products, XIMIVOGUE franchisees can count on the commercial information and suggestions provided by its mature management team with more than eight years of franchise experience.

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