XIMIVOGUE Opens New Franchise Store in Mexico in November 2019


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2019 --A grand opening ceremony for XIMIVOGUE international franchising store is held in Mexico on November 21. On the occasion of the ceremony, XIMIVOGUE shows its determination to implement its global franchise strategy with confidence.

As XIMIVOGUE reaches strategic cooperation agreements with more than 80 countries and regions around the world, this international franchising brand sets its sights on Cozumel Island in the Quintana Roo area of Mexico. The location is one of Mexico's most beloved tourist attractions with good weather all the time. 

Since Cozumel is a top pick for people to spend their vacations in the world, the primary income of this island is from the jewelry industry, restaurant industry and water amusement projects. Obviously, this generates a sustainable high level of consumption for this popular tourist attraction.

Based on these characteristics of this island and the vast potential market, XIMIVOGUE immediately takes action to access the fast fashion product market in Cozumel. As a fast fashion general merchandise brand, the exquisite appearance and relatively low price of XIMIVOGUE's products quickly gain the local people's attention. In particular, lovely dolls, beautiful accessories and makeups from this international franchising brand are heavily marketed.

In fact, as fast fashion products emerge as a category, no international franchising brand is positioned as well as XIMIVOGUE to benefit and support the expanding market. As a fast fashion specialty brand, XIMIVOGUE has opened about 1600 stores all over the world in only three years. In another word, two stores of XIMIVOGUE are opened on average every day. 

Embracing the Korean style designs, this international franchising brand provides customers with more than 7,000 products covering 8 categories. Since consumers have become more demanding and more arbitrary, fast fashion products are required to be maintained impeccably and upgraded regularly. Therefore, in spite of the abundant products and categories, 800 fast fashion products from XIMIVOGUE are updated monthly.
There is no doubt that, both the cheap-but-chic products and the excellent service for international franchising contribute to the success and achievement of this brand. In spite of the growing popularity, XIMIVOGUE still tries to open up more possibilities to develop its business. In short, this international franchising brand looks poised to make a significant breakthrough in the world.
In effect, XIMIVOGUE is considered the best investment in international franchising. For one thing, this brand has established stable and long-term cooperative relationships with San Fu, Sassoon, Gialen, Atsons, Muji, etc. For another, it offers senior supervisors and service teams to assist franchisees with their business. The last but not least, all the franchisees are able to obtain an advanced ERP management system, which can play an essential role in the company's operation.
XIMIVOGUE is an international franchising brand with three years of experience in providing fast fashion products for customers. It has built a robust business network covering Australia, Algeria, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary and other countries and regions. Equipped with a 50000 square meters warehouse, XIMIVOGUE has a massive production capacity to meet the market demand. It is the high-quality products and superior services that earn this company a good reputation across the world. As XIMIVOGUE goes from strength to strength, the annual turnover of it has reached 1.8 billion RMB.

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