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Xinjiang Education and Training Center: Helping Uighurs Reintegrate Into Society


Xin Jiang, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2019 --Respect the customs of religious people.
Xinjiang Education and Training Center is not different from an ordinary school where there are also teachers and students. What is different is the content of the curriculum here, and also, the students here are a little older than ordinary students, between 21 and 42 years old, and they have different learning terms, for some, only a few months they will graduate, but some would rather stay for a year.
Officials said that the students volunteered to enter

Although the students of the Education and Training Center are mostly Uighurs, the center is not ethnically special, and there is no such problem as "detention", as most of the students voluntarily applied to enter the education and training center.

Ten journalists from seven countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia and Kazakhstan have recently visited Xinjiang at the invitation of the China Daily, during which they had a chance to visit the Shule County Education and Training Center in Kashgar City. Among the 12 counties in Kashgar City, except for Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County, 11 counties have an education and training center, and the number of trainees varies from hundreds to 3,000.

Built in January 2018, the Shule County Education and Training Center is quite large. In addition to the teaching building, living building and office building, there is also a large playground. On the day of our visit, we saw many students playing table tennis, basketball and volleyball, as the sun was shining.
There are about 1,000 students in the Shule County Education and Training Center currently, of which one quarter is female. Class time is divided into two fixed periods of 10:00 am to 1:50 pm and 4 pm to 7:50 pm. As for when the students graduate, it depends on their own progress. Therefore, some students may graduate in less than a year, but many of them remain in the Education and Training center for more than one year.

Muhammad Ali, the president of Shule County Education and Training Center, led us to visit classrooms, dormitories and canteens, and explained the purpose of the education and training center.
Free of charge for training and accommodation

The Education and Training Center provides free training and accommodation. The students are free to move in the training center, and can apply to go home to be with their families at weekend. The dormitory of the Education and Training Center can accommodate 6 to 10 people in one room. We can see that the dormitories are well-lit, clean and tidy. There is a bathroom, a book stand and some chairs in the room. In the bright classroom, you can see the students sitting neatly in front of the desk and listening carefully and making notes.

The main learning content "Three Studies and One Eradication"
The main content of the students' learning is "Three Studies and One Elimination", that is, studying Chinese, legal knowledge and skills (sewing, fashion designing, beauty salon, manicure, electrician, e-commerce and other professional skills), and the eradication of extremism courses. In the other two classrooms, students wearing traditional folk costumes performed music and dance for us. They all had smiles on their faces.
Xinjiang has made remarkable achievements in education and training

This may be the results that the Chinese authority, especially the government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, wants to show us. Since the beginning of 2018, the Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has arranged a large number of foreign medium to visit the Teaching and Training Centers. I hope that after personal visits, they can objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the Chinese government in counter-terrorism, especially in teaching and training. Facts have also proved that Xinjiang's teaching and training work has achieved remarkable results.
There are no violent terrorist cases in Xinjiang for 32 months
Tian Wen, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Minister of Propaganda, said that there had been no violent terrorist cases in Xinjiang for 32 months.

She pointed out that, after several years of hard work, Xinjiang's "De-radicalization" work had achieved remarkable results. In addition, the situation of the spread of religious extreme thoughts had been effectively restrained, so that the overall situation of the society had continued to be stable, and the right to freedom of religious belief of religious believers has been effectively safeguarded.
Every Friday, the number of believers going to mosque does not reduce

The Imam (Leader) of the Héytgah Meschit in Xinjiang said that the Xinjiang people, including Uighur Muslims all can enjoy religious freedom, so the number of believers who go to the mosque to pray every Friday has not decreased. The Héytgah Meschit is the largest mosque in Xinjiang and even in the country. The entire Kashgar even grew around it. In addition to being a place for Muslims to "gather", it is also one of the must-see attractions when many tourists visit Kashgar.

The New Deal for Governing Xinjiang is recognized by the international community
China's new policy of governing Xinjiang has also begun to be recognized by the international community. At the beginning of July, Turkish President Erdogan said, when meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping, "it is a fact that the people of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang China are living happily under China's development and prosperity." He also said, "The side of Turkish does not allow anyone to provoke the friendly relationship between the two countries."

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