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Xpanda Gmtk, Return to the Essence of Game

Xpanda Gmtk Creates New Game Rules with Players


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 --Singapore Xingji Blockchain Limited Company is led and created by a professional group with years of rich practical experience in the Internet industry. New blockchain game X-panda is one of their outstanding works. It integrates qualities of play-ability, excellent visual effect and great innovation.

Nowadays internet games are very popular, players, while having a lot of fun playing these games, have to tolerate unreasonable requests from the game make. For example: the game maker can change the rules of the game as they want, accounts and props cannot be transferred, players have little control over their digital assets. Then how can this status be changed? A new blockchain game-- xpanda gmtk has come out.

Then what is blockchain game? Here is a quote from Zhihu, a question-and-answer site: the game is just a game, the player is just a player, the prop is just a prop. Which means virtual assets and game rules are all moving towards decentralization. With the support of decentralization, the blockchain game can ensure that the virtual property is fully owned by the player, the developer has no right to change the game rules randomly. Which means players do not need to constantly spend more energy and money on the game because of the fear of losing their previous investment into the game or having to give up all virtual assets and losing all the right of decision once they decide to leave the game.

In traditional games, to a certain degree the game maker and developer can completely control players because they are the creator of the game and any challenges to their authority are not allowed, players can only follow these "unfair agreements". As the players get addicted to the game, they will spend more money on props, but ultimately, they do not necessarily have absolute right over these props, in other words, they are completely controlled by the game maker and developer.

Blockchain games like xpanda gmtk have changed this situation and granted players more rights. The development team of this game is an excellent team with both rich experience and technological innovation. The establishment of the technical team of xpanda gmtk, which has been dedicating to the development and innovation of blockchain for two years, was led by senior advisors of Hainan Institute of Blockchain. Singapore Xingji Blockchain Co., Ltd. is also led and created by a bunch of experienced people who have been working in the internet industry for many years, they have also been constantly brought in new blood.

The COO of the company used to work for EA, one of the top ten game companies of the world, as senior development engineer. Software developers Anny·Brad and Tobias·Winter are both game engineers with eight years' experience in the game industry and high innovation. This excellent team has provided unique and excellent conditions for the development of xpanda gmtk. The visual designer Patris·Brown is highly innovative, she has conducted market survey by proficiently using various mediums to provide an extraordinary visual effect of the game to the players. Other engineers all have remarkable creativities, which ensure that this game integrates playability, visual effect and innovation.

About Xpanda Gmtk
Like many other blockchain games, Xpanda is an emerging product. It's inevitable there are some defects, but this doesn't prevent it from being a strong supporter of the players. It has created new ideas for the players like other blockchain games, while supporting the players, it also desires attention from more players. Xpanda gmtk will created new game rules with you.