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Mumbai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2020 --India like any other nation has been terribly impacted by COVID, will exponential technologies such as AR/VR & MR play a role in reversing the social, cultural & economic impact of COVID.

Before the pandemic Digital transformation might have been on the wishlist for companies, today if a company is not digital it will be left behind.

Education institutes, healthcare, enterprise, entertainment as well as the travel & tourism industry are now actively leveraging augmented reality, virtual reality for business continuity. Remote work, remote education, remote healthcare, training, tourism can all be made possible as if one is physically present at those remote locations without moving from the comfort of one's home.

Now is the best time to leverage immersive tech as an enterprise because the coming computing evolution "Spatial computing" is going to be underpinned by Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality.

The slow adoption of Extended Reality in India has been due to lack of awareness, accessibility of hardware, high price plus the lack of localized content. Immersion VR Fest, XROM & XROM- Podcast have been tirelessly working to raise awareness, educate and build an ecosystem with a vision to create a sustainable & thriving AR/VR industry.

XR-BAZAAR India's 1st AR/VR E-commerce & Virtual COnsulting

XR-BAZAAR is an AR/VR focused B2B E-commerce platform that also offers Virtual XR Consulting for Enterprise.

XR BAZAAR has tied up with prominent Indian & Global XR Brands Such as Ajnalens, FotonVR For Education, CoronaOven, VRgineers XTAL 8k HMD's, Pimax VR, Mantis Vision, DRV Z1 - 3D Digital Display plus are the unofficial re-seller/stockists of Insta 360 Pro2, Oculus Quest & HTC Vive.

The vision is to democratize Virtual Reality on the platform which is open for all, list your products and Sell or Rent on XR BAZAAR, the integrated payment gateway, logistics as well as a marketing model provides a convenient & hassle-free shopping experience so that one can concentrate on building great XR products.

XR Hardware/software startup keen to explore India's growing market opportunity & sell your products- Please get in touch.

XR Service/Solution Provider- get in touch.
Want to rent your products to enterprise & consumers- get in touch.

XR Consulting has a team of Indian & global experts that provide Virtual XR Consulting, helping enterprise customers by not only offering the best product fit but also services & solutions that can transform their business, cut costs, and help their business thrive in the post COVID world.

People from the fields of Academia, enterprise, healthcare, governance, defense or the entertainment industry seeking expert guidance/ consultancy- get in touch.

Last but not least XR Consulting is a collaborative/open consultancy model. Any AR/VR expert/ consultant that would like to be part of XR Consultancy, then XR BAZAAR would be happy to welcome your ideas on board as an XR Consultant.