Y-Tricity Introduces Y-Wall, the World's First-Ever Wall Mounted Wireless Charger

Tech startup aims to give tech users a better experience with minimal design


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2019 --Canadian tech startup Y-Tricity has announced Y-Wall, the world's first-ever wall mounted wireless charger. The beautifully designed home essential is ideal for avid tech users who want to keep their devices powered up, stay connected, and maintain a neat and clean workspace.

The Y-Wall is loaded with features and capabilities that ordinary wireless chargers can't provide. Among them, the Y-Wall is a 3-in-1 wireless charger that can be wall mounted, used as a phone stand or, with the help of its neodymium magnet, it can be used as a normal wireless charger. Furthermore, this perfectly engineered home essential can be used at a work desk, to keep the surface area clear for important tasks, in the kitchen, or even bedside, which enables users to easily control lighting and smart thermostat functions from their phones without being inconvenienced.

Even better, the Y-Wall comes in three classic colorways, and the wall mounted charger's clean design makes it a perfect fit for any workspace aesthetic.

Additionally, the Y-Wall is iPhone-compatible, working seamlessly with iPhone models 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XR, and works with several smartphone models from Samsung and LG. It fully charges these phones in just 3 hours. The Y-Wall's 10-watt output ensures a maximum amount of energy is transferred to your device. The Y-Wall also features a Type-C USB port. And, phones can be charged with their cases on.

Soon, Y-Tricity will launch a Kickstarter for the Y-Wall to aid the production process and build brand awareness. Get the latest updates on Y-Wall's launch at https://y-tricity.tech.

With the Y-Wall's official launch on the horizon, Y-Tricity Founder Yacine Hamdani has plans to create an assortment of products for tech users who want and expect more from their everyday tech accessories.

Hamdani, who is also currently a passionate software engineering student, envisions moving beyond home essentials to make products that can be used on the road and that have a positive impact on the environment. These products include wireless chargers for electric cars, a development that could help boost the popularity of electric vehicles while reducing carbon emissions. He also plans to design a wireless charger that charges electric vehicles while they're in transit. With demand for electric cars steadily increasing, Y-Tricity could transform the auto industry. Those effects could even reverberate far beyond as many nations search for viable ways to reduce carbon emissions quickly.

On the surface, Y-Tricity is focused on creating minimalist home essentials that streamline everyday tech use and make for aesthetically pleasing additions to homes and workspaces. But the tech Startup wants to apply these principles on a bigger scale and make a lasting impact, not just for its users, but for a greener world.

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