YAK + NAK Promises Yak Wool Fabric That Is Softer Than Cashmere and Merino


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2018 --People all over the world love wearing cozy sweaters when the weather gets cold, but many stick by the same tried-and-true materials with which they are familiar, like cashmere and merino wool. YAK + NAK aims to change the perception of yak wool with a new line of beautiful, comfortable sweaters, introducing people to the advantages of this comfortable natural fabric.

YAK + NAK harvests the wool from Tibetan yaks, taking care to do so in a manner that is 100-percent cruelty-free. The company aims to minimize its impact on the environment throughout the manufacturing process as well. As a company that utilizes animal products, YAK + NAK remains committed to the welfare and ongoing survival of those animals.

Yak wool is much warmer than the popular merino wool that is commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts. It is also softer than the venerable cashmere and costs about half the price of this luxury material. As an added bonus, fabrics made from yak wool are resistant to odor as well. The material is soft and stretchy, making it easy for the wearer to go about their daily activities in comfort.

The sweaters in the initial product line are designed with simplicity and function in mind. They feature classic styling that will fit into just about anyone's wardrobe. The line includes a crew-neck sweater, a mock turtleneck, a pullover hoodie, a beanie and a scarf. All of the products are unisex. The products are available in four color choices: black, gray, beige and brown. The color choices are neutral in order to preserve the quality of the material.

YAK + NAK has already developed prototypes for all of its products and is ready to move forward with production. To help achieve this goal, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on October 4, which will run until November 3. The campaign has a funding goal of $27,000, of which it has already brought in more than $12,000.

Campaign backers can get all of the products in the initial line at discounted prices during the campaign. As the campaign progresses, the prices will rise, so the earliest backers will get the lowest prices. YAK + NAK expects to ship out its beanies and scarves to customers in December 2018. Sweaters will follow in January 2019.