Yangler Announces Guaranteed Seed Funding in 90 Days for Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Yangler announces the democratization of accelerators with a vow to fund one million tech startups worldwide over the next decade. Redefining how entrepreneurs get seed funding, the startup enters the marketplace as a game changer with space for 1,000 initial registrants. Entrepreneurs can signup to get on the wait list.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2016 --Breaking the glass ceiling by offering seed funding to able entrepreneurs regardless of gender or race, Yangler announces a monumental undertaking. The San Francisco-based startup will invest in one million early stage startups worldwide over the next ten years. Their pool however will not be the 97% of male CEOs who typically get their businesses venture-funded. Yangler opens its doors wide to invite all entrepreneurs seeking funding for their startups. With room for 1,000 initial registrants, Yangler says everyone who successfully graduates their 16-week online course with a 95% will be funded. Angel investing at its finest, the educational program seeks entrepreneurs with good ideas and a willingness to learn.

What's true, but widely unknown, is that typical venture capitalists have a steady diet of refusing seed funding for women and minorities. Babson.edu reported that Asian entrepreneurs typically get 12% of all funding available while African-American women get a nominal 0.04%. Unwilling to measure an idea by its value aside from expedited speed of execution, VCs complain that there's a "…dearth of good people to invest in." This tact, as far as their business model is concerned Yangler says, has come to an end.

The venture capital industry is stuck in yesteryear—the process of funding is very biased and gravitates towards white males. This may have been a strength, but now it is creating blindspots. For every idea funded, how many great ideas don't even get a sounding board because investors can't relate to the problem or the entrepreneur? How much better off would we be if we had a larger lens from which to examine a broader class of entrepreneurs and ideas? Yangler is exactly that lens.

Yangler plays the role of middlemen between entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, governments and universities. Now every part thinks there is a scarcity: entrepreneurs can't find money, investors say there is a dearth of good people to invest in, universities are struggling to recognize the potential of ideas produced in their incubators, and governments can't find an efficient way of screening and investing in early stage startups. Yangler says, the good news is that entrepreneurs and investors live in abundance. Potential can be recaptured and doors can be open to everyone. More people must be invited into the decision making process. Entrepreneurs such as young people, African-Americans, Latinos, females, those in the LGBT community, and others who aren't necessarily part of the obvious majority need a place at the table.  Yangler rules are simple: Everyone can enroll and be given the same knowledge and mentorship and the best performers will be funded.

Maria Samarina, CEO of Yangler said of the market opportunities, "We see an untapped investment opportunity that has far-reaching benefits to the marketplace and the spirit of entrepreneurship. We want to change the current system. Our entrepreneurs can enroll and work on their own schedule, anywhere on the planet, and still have the same opportunity afforded to elite university graduates and startups in Silicon Valley."

The Yangler 16-week seed funding program does not pre-screen teams for education, experience or social connections, everyone can enroll into an online accelerator. Success is based on speed of learning, execution, focus and goals reached. Teams that pass the first five weeks will be connected to a network of professional industry mentors that will help to sharpen idea and execution strategy. To that end, the program gives students an opportunity to fail and start again. Yangler believes that failure is the only step forward. There's even a scholarship for failed startups on the idea that the more an entrepreneur tries, the more they learn to not give up and the better the outcome is.

Samarina goes on to say that herself, as a CEO of a high tech company who is a female foreigner with a child, would have less than a 3% chance of getting funded, because a current system works against everyone but white male from top universities. "What really matters is that our generation has an opportunity, in our lifetime, to address many of the world's grand challenges using technology. We are in the midst of a technological renaissance and it's time to invent new means to invest in an unbiased way. Venture capitalists should start to use technology on their own to educate, screen and invest in startups. Imagine, what 1 entrepreneur can do: change the whole industry, redefine rules. Now imagine what 1 million entrepreneurs can do: change the world and make the planet a better place. The era of accelerators as we know them is over. It's time to move forward and build products for entrepreneurs, support ones who are hungry for change and who is driving that change. Everyone gets an opportunity to enroll and get funded. We will fund one million tech startups in ten years and democratize a seed funding process. This we guarantee.

To enroll in the Yangler program and get funding visit www.Yangler.me.

About Yangler
Yangler is a platform that provides a 16-week online program designed to assure entrepreneurs seed funding. Every graduate with a 95% or higher grade will receive funding from $50k to $200k depending on product or idea.

Maria Samarina
CEO, Yangler
Website: http://www.yangler.me