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YaY Novelty Ups the Ante on Luggage ID Tags with a New Concept on Kickstarter February 1st

Doing what this generation does best, reinventing a smarter more streamlined wheel, YaY Novelty finds a new approach to the “everybody’s got one” luggage ID tag. Launching a new stylistic approach to ID tag functionality, privacy and durability the YaYtag is introduced on Kickstarter.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2015 --Everybody's got one, or two or three. By nature they're pretty unassuming, heroically minimalistic, and yet all too often, stylistically challenged. What are they? They're the little item telling the backstory of luggage worldwide - the ho hum luggage ID tag. Ho hum that is until a new company called YaY Novelty took it up a trendy notch. They've married functionality to hipster chic and created a utilitarian item consumers can't pass up. Enter, the YaYtag.

Making a luggage ID tag that consumers can use to express their personality YaY Novelty announces a fun new concept by way of Kickstarter on February 1st. Durable, user-friendly and privacy-rich the YaYtag is basically two cards fixed by a rivet. With a cute bungee cord loop for attaching to a bag or cage the tag is a fun way to identify, and or flaunt, goods. Made with the same material and dimensions as a credit card the YaYtag comes in 24 designs. Some are pretty, some are tribal, some are hilarious and all are - like their company name suggests - novel.

Soon to be launched on Kickstarter the YaYtag is 100% waterproof and can be used for luggage, backpacks, pet cage ID tags, team bag ID tags or as an ID fashion accessory. Sunchea Phou, CEO and owner of YaY Novelty said of the funky, fresh approach to keeping ID info private in style, "These are modern luggage tags that pull double duty. Not only are they a fun way to express your personality but they're also about privacy. We've designed them so that only the luggage owner's name can be readily seen. The rest of their personal information is hidden from view. It's the new smart way to travel in style."

With their numerous uses the luggage tags are Phou's brainchild. Having experienced humble beginnings raised in a refugee camp, the fashion entrepreneur has her finger on the pulse of product functionality. She also has over 20 years experience in the apparel industry specializing in activewear, sportswear and accessories. Companies she has worked with include REI, Eddie Bauer and Nike. Her last project before going solo involved the launch of new NFL uniforms especially for the Seattle Seahawks.

About YaY Novelty
YaY Novelty is an American manufacturer of ultra slim wallet/credit card holders, ID tags and reusable bags. The company was founded in 2014 with a mission to create everyday lifestyle-enhancing products by manufacturing high-quality goods that evoke the expression of the consumer's personality. YaY Novelty has a passion for design and is equally committed to functionality and affordability. In part, the company was established to generate income to support children via the Year Zero Foundation.

Sunchea Phou
CEO, Owner


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