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Yisrayl Hawkins Says the Earth Is Sick and Offers Proof with Earth Shattering Earthquake Numbers

Pastor at The House of Yahweh says action needs to be taken fast in order to restore the earth and stop the un-natural disasters and details plan in publication this week


Abilene, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2018 --Yisrayl Hawkins, Pastor and Overseer at The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, has written a new open letter this week that details the earth's cries for help and asks for a global effort in fixing the issue. He says a recent article released shows that just within a seven-day period, 144 major earthquakes rocked the earth in a very un-natural pattern, and says it should not be the case.

Yisrayl says this new un-natural pattern is becoming the "norm" but that should not be, and he has a plan to reverse the issues.

"There is cause for these events, and there is also a solution. Global society has got to get back to the original way of living according to the Scriptures in order to bring blessings back to the earth and themselves," Yisrayl says.

Yisrayl says that it may seem like mankind is powerless to stop these earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, etc., but there is a solution. He says it is in the power of the people to make a change and bring the earth back to its' original state.

"We can have healthy food, normal weather and thriving people; it is completely possible but, it is conditional and choices have to be made" Yisrayl adds.

Yisrayl says there is only one place on the entire planet to get the answers needed to reverse the global disasters and restore the planet's and the people's livelihood. "The House of Yahweh has the answers, we are the only ones who do," he says.

He closes with information about an upcoming Feast that will contain massive information on this very topic. He says solutions will be provided, and every individual that makes a conscious effort to implement what they learn will have the opportunity for eternal blessings that cannot be measured.

The Feast of Tabernacles is tentatively scheduled for September 25 through October 2, 2018 and registration is active on The number to the office is 325-893-5899 and is also listed to register or find out more information.

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