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Yortay Ushers in the Food Industry, a New Application of Its Pearl Pigment Powder

A Visual Feast with Unique Taste is Within Reach.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2018 --Yortay, a Guangzhou-based leading pearl pigment powder supplier is to announce its entrance into the food industry. Following successful cosmetic products, we spare no effort to explore a new application of pearl pigment powder. Through long-term and accurate research, we, ultimately, become the first company who adds color and flavor to daily food just second to Merck company.

With the increasing development of people's living standard and aesthetic sense, the priority of all things as food is, it is far more than alleviating physical hunger; instead, it acts as a delightful feast of vision by combining color and aroma perfectly, bringing consumers long-lasting mental pleasant.

Consumers are inclined to be attracted by food or beverages with vibrant color, which promotes the development of an appealing industry. What we are manufacturing is precisely tailored for those who seek healthy food with bright and colorful ingredients.

The food series focus on food and pharmacy industries, which can be widely used for cake, candy, chocolate, capsule, beverage, etc. Products wearing colorful coats may spark magic effects. Say, the majority of children hate medicine, however, an eye-pleasing pill is likely to make a difference.

What concerns consumers most is also solved by strict controls during each procedure of the whole process to ensure the quality. Also, it is proved by many industries that this product series can meet the high food-standard requirements. We must highlight that the products are kept at an extremely low content of heavy metal, thus ensuring the safety and health of products.

With saturation qualities as intense as organic pigments, the food series exhibit magnificent colors along with unmatched dimensional visual effects. They also feature an excellent effect in refractive index, reflection, and transmission of light. Besides, the superior synthetic mica substrate along with different coating layers brings high pure and also luxuriant color effect. With strong colors that mirror fascinating brilliance and affluence, they show high potential in the food industry.

"We are a company dedicated to pursuing innovation, that's why we step into the food industry. " says President Frank Gong, "The superior raw material pearl pigment with good quality is to high up your products' level and make them more competitive in the market and more attractive to people in the long run. They will explain what gorgeousness and brilliance are, giving consumers a wonderful feast of vision."

About Yortay
Yortay is a professional manufacturer and distributor of effect pigments, whose goal is to make products more attractive to people. With superior quality and competitive price, its effect pigment products have been well received in more than 40 countries and regions in the world since its establishment, serving the global coatings, inks, plastics, printing, leather, aircraft, cosmetics, building materials, printing, and dyeing industries.

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