Young Couple Launches Free Invoicing for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Startup company Inveezy has developed a new norm for invoicing by eliminating monthly fees and customer signups with a intuitive website interface –


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2015 --Ted Fuller and his wife Alanda have come up with an easy way to send invoices without paying for postage or monthly fees - it's called - a free website where anyone can send an invoice and have it paid online. Ted says he started the service because he was paying $30 per month for his previous invoicing program and wanted something easier to use. "We've eliminate the need for a password - just a visit to the website will do! Also, there are no limits on how many invoices you can send and no limits on the number of clients to send to. It's better than sending invoices through Word for your one time or recurring jobs. You don't need to attach the invoice to the e-mail - it's all done for you. All you need to know is their e-mail address. And if you don't know that, you can even import your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn contacts."

"We've decided to build this for the small business owner first - which means it has to be incredibly quick and easy to use," says Ted. Ted can send an invoice in about 10 seconds since the browser and database remembers many of the fields that are on the invoice. Ted hopes that people will visit the website and send invoices for free.

Inveezy also allows people to get their invoices paid with PayPal or credit card. "We've partnered with PayPal to provide people with an easy way to get paid. PayPal is one of the most popular payment transfer services and we will be using it on all Inveezy invoices." Another option for those sending the invoice is to accept credit cards. "It takes about 2 minutes to start accepting credit cards and it's all done through Inveezy." Just start by filling out the invoice template on and you'll understand all your options as you do. Have fun! And remember - Invoicing is Easy with In-VEEZY.

About Inveezy
Inveezy is a free invoicing website developed by Ted and Alanda Fuller of Design. In its first year Inveezy partnered with PayPal so that the invoices sent from their website could be paid easily. Providing superior attention to clients, the company is slated to perform globally due to its business centric design. With its finger on the pulse of the busy entrepreneur, Inveezy recently launched a landing page at to connect with new users.

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