Young Innovator Brings Bespoke Clothing to 'Every Man' Affordably with a Tablet and a Genius

Pioneer company BookATailor creates a new norm for menswear by bringing fine custom clothing to consumers affordably. Serving clients in twelve showrooms nationwide the company integrates technology into their business model and introduces the market to intuitive tailoring.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2015 --So what do twelve cities, a tablet and a genius have in common? A tailor-made suit and shirt created affordably, quickly and with such detail the consumer will think they paid thousands. Enter, BookATailor. It's the innovative brainchild of Jacomo Hakim that's taking the bespoke clothing market by storm. Assuring the common consumer that technology's the hero thanks to a Styling Genius armed with a tablet and a measuring tape.

So how does it work? Easily. A customer schedules an appointment online to visit one of the twelve BookATailor showrooms. When they arrive they're measured by a BookATailor Styling Genius who take an 18 point measurement via a tablet. Then with the tablet's help, the customer chooses from hundreds of fabrics and styling options for both shirts and suits. Every detail from lapels, pockets, buttons, collar and cuffs are tackled along with the suit's fabric and lining. Four weeks later the custom-made clothing appears on their doorstep or at the showroom for pick up. Two custom shirts and one tailor-made suit for $499. Welcome to the new wave in fashion.

Hakim, CEO and Founder of BookATailor said of the chance to bring every man custom clothing, "With technology making the global marketplace just a click away I saw a niche - a consumer - that could benefit from something that, until now, has been so beyond his reach. By making the company vertically integrated I knew I could offer the best product, at the best price with an incredibly fast turnaround time. Four weeks guaranteed is unheard of in the bespoke industry."

Incorporating the ownership of the production facility into the BookATailor business model facilitates delivery and creates optimal quality control. This also allows the company to provide products at a reasonable price point. Such products include two custom shirts priced at $99 or four shirts for $179. One custom suit is priced at $450. With convenience top of mind, measurements are always accessible to the customer online. This proves most convenient with they want to order again.

About BookATailor
BookATailor is an innovative company that uses technology to bring bespoke clothing to the marketplace affordably. In its first year BookATailor celebrated the launch of twelve showrooms from Beverly Hills to to Washington DC. Providing detailed attention to clients, the company is slated to open 40 new stores nationwide. With its finger on the pulse of the busy consumer, BookATailor recently launched the first custom clothing kiosk in the world in New Jersey's Garden State Plaza.

Find a BookATailor showroom in Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Paramus, Great Neck, Miami, Bethesda, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Jacomo Hakim
CEO & Founder


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