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Young Musicians Association Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Build a Free Recording Studio and Empower Young Artists

The Kickstarter campaign has been launched to give children space where they can put music together of their choice in a recording studio without worrying about the cost or finding professional people to work with. The recording studio will be based in Sacramento and allow students under the age of 18 in Northern California to sign up for the program that provides them with a positive music future.


Sacramento, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2016 --A new association has been launched that aims to help encourage young musicians to follow their dreams and pursue a lifelong love of music. The Young Musicians Association is an important organization that was put together to empower young people with a positive future. The organization launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with their aim and build a free recording studio that gives young musicians the space they need to create their music.

The Kickstarter campaign ( was launched by Jamin Coller with the Young Musicians Association to raise $7,500. The money raised will give young musicians and their families an amazing music experience they cannot create for themselves.

The recording studio based in Sacramento will allow students under 18 in northern California to sign up to the program and make a one-time visit to the free recording studio. They can also meet up with instructors on Skype to help develop their future in the music world. The program is ideal for those who attend a school that does not have a music program in place, or for those that cannot afford private lessons with instructors.

The program and Kickstarter campaign has been described as one of the most important campaigns of 2016, providing young musicians with a positive future where they can embrace music and empower their passion. Music education should be free. However, not ever school, city, or state has the same budget to make that possible. Some schools do not have the budget to empower their students through music, which means those young students miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the love of music and pursue their dreams.

The program runs all year round. Students can receive the help they need and receive expert teachings through Skype. The recordings happen at the LPL Studio in Fair Oaks, and the events will be held at different locations in the Sacramento region.

To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign and help make dreams come true, please visit or sign up to the program by visiting

About The Kickstarter Campaign
The campaign aims to raise $7,500 to build a recording studio that will be free for young musicians. It will give young students the opportunity to experience life in a recording studio and work with professionals.