Your Story Discovered Is a New Mind-Mapping Platform Designed Specifically with Authors in Mind


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2017 --Word processing software applications are common in today's marketplace, but aside from allowing users to create documents, none of them really assist writers with the creative process. Your Story Discovered aims to solve that problem, giving novelists and short story writers an innovative platform that helps them to organize their ideas and bring their stories to life.

In addition to basic word processing, Your Story Discovered will also allow users to create individual character profiles, plot timelines, story boarding, and more. For a series of stories with the same characters, the character profiles can be carried over from one story to the next.

These days, writers have so many sources of inspiration and information, from traditional paper media to online publications to social media. With the Your Story Discovered platform, authors can curate all of the information they need in one place for easy reference when they need it at a later time.

In contrast to many other writing assistance platforms on the market, membership to Your Story Discovered comes with a host of tutorials, guides, workbooks and other resources to help writers improve their craft. Once a project is complete, writers can easily convert it into correct manuscript format. They will also gain access to discounted rates for hiring editors to review their work.

To help complete development of Your Story Discovered, its creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign has a funding goal of $20,000, of which it had received $295 at the time of this release. The funding will go towards web development of the basic features discussed above. Any funding beyond the initial goal will be used to increase linking capabilities within projects, making it even easier for writers to navigate and organize their stories.

Membership in Your Story Discovered is expected to start at $30 per month, but early backers of the campaign will receive membership for half that price. Contributors who miss the early bird deadline can still purchase membership at the regular price. For contributions of $500 or more, backers will receive lifetime access to the platform, a perk that will only be offered during the Kickstarter campaign. The creators of Your Story Discovered aim to open access to the platform by November 2017.