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Full-Scale Revelation of 4K Ultra HD Movie Videos Download Finally Comes Out

Digiarty Software just released an "Everything You Need to Know" about 4K Ultra HD movie videos, including 4K precise resolution, 4K playback on iPad, as well as tips before and after downloading 4K videos, etc.


Chengdu, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2014 --A full-scale revelation of 4K Ultra HD Movie Videos information comes out recently from Digiarty Software specifically in four parts, elaborating "What, Where, How, Why" of 4K videos resolution, download and playback respectively.

Gone are the days of watching blurry videos. 4K is coming, although there is still a long time for 4K videos' prevailing. But for practical use, the headache is the fact that 4K Ultra HD video is very difficult to download, upload or playback on PC, Mac, iPad, etc.

"If you want to see any more success with 4K video download and fluent playback on PC, Mac or iPad", according to the tech support of this company, "you need to first be clear on basic data about 4K video resolution". 4K Ultra HD is a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels, which delivers four times as much detail as 1080p Full HD. It looks even more real than actual life. There are a number of different 4K resolutions, a common one of which is 4096x2160, for a total resolution of 8,847,360 pixels.

Starting from July 2013, YouTube announced that it would offer some 4K short videos for download or watching online and registered users would be allowed to upload 4Kvideos as well (up to 4096x3072 pixels, 12.6 megapixels, aspect ratio 4:3). Now both YouTube and Vimeo stream 4K content. BBC carried out a series of 4K Ultra HD trails of 2014 Brazil World Cup this year. And what's more, TV series like House of Cards are streamed in 4K on Netflix. Remember to click gear icon and change the resolution to 4K when playing YouTube 4K video online, otherwise it will be at default 320p, 720p or 1080p.

As everyone knows, YouTube videos cannot be downloaded directly without charge, be it 4K, 2K, or 1080p. A YouTube 4K video download software needs to be standing by if hardware computer has a powerful graphics card that supports 4K and HDMI version 1.4 or higher, which can connect PC or Mac to a 4K TV. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is recommended here for 4K video downloading.

More suggestions of YouTube downloader for 4K videos are at:

Be advised that it's better not to download and play YouTube 4K video on iPad or watch 4K video online on iPad via YouTube app, because "iPad is only 2048 pixels wide. It does qualify as a 2k display, but not 4k. What it will ever display is 2048 pixels video", Digiarty's chief manager says. Playing 4K video on Ultra HD TV after successful download would be a better option. And it is said that YouTube 4K video download and playback on PC/Mac may take all the bandwidth, which results in failing in any browsing. So be sure that there is good internet service provider for high speed connection.

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