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Ezee Rank Tracker Gets Maintenance Fix, Performing Well on YouTube and Search Engine Rankings

The YouTube rank checker is now working without any glitches and issues. The latest maintenance update has removed all bugs.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2014 --Ezee Rank Tracker, the YouTube rank checker tool gets the first maintenance update of May 2014. The latest maintenance fix has healed all the bugs and issues, which resulted in the perfect performance of the tool.

According to a spokesperson of Ezee Rank Tracker, “Now you can again track YouTube video ranks and social signals from nine other platforms without any glitch. We have just released about latest maintenance update and all the issues and bugs are removed. So, you can get 100% accurate report with expert proficiency.”

The tool helps to track rank changes in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Off late a few issues related with, and were reported. The Facebook pages were not tracking as Google made some changes in the parser. The recent update has fixed these issues and the YouTube rank checker is now performing correctly, adds the spokesperson.

The founder of Ezee Rank Tracker says, “We have also worked on a few internal changes and sorted the random crash that was reported while sorting. Our team constantly watches on the performance of the tool so that the effectiveness can be maintained.”

He adds that their tool provides up-to-date email notifications of potential SEO and rank changes along with graphic representations so that the website’s performance can be measured properly. It also generates instant whitelable SEO report and website rank changes.

“I am happy to hear the latest maintenance fix of Ezee Rank Tracker. My website tracking was creating some issues with and thanks to their team for fixing the issue,” says Robert Peterson, Birmingham.

After the update, the tool is now saving and tracking notes of every rank changes, informs the founder of Ezee Rank Tracker.

About Ezee rank Tracker
Ezee rank Tracker is a rank checking tool that tracks changes of website rankings in various search engines. It also performs the task of a YouTube video checker to track social signals. They release regular maintenance updates to fix bugs and issues to help the tool run smoothly. For more information, visit