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Youwiin Sports Nutrition Launches New Workout Supplement Products in the USA: The "PR" Series


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2016 --Youwiin Sports Nutrition USA is launching a new workout supplement product series in the US market, called "PR". This series includes the PR1 – Pre Workout Performance Booster and PR2 – Post Workout Maximum Recovery. The products help athletes in getting more of each workout session.

Introducing the PR Series Products by Youwiin Sports Nutrition

The PR Series (PR1 and PR2) Products from Youwiin Sports Nutrition USA are made to help people in improving the overall workout performance and go beyond their goals. The series includes the pre workout and post workout supplements formulated to give sports enthusiasts and athletes, a complete baseline in the right amount of ingredients that the body needs to maintain an intensive training routine and function better.

"PR" in this series of products means "Personal Record" since the purpose of the product is associated with improving your personal bests by boosting your performance to the next level.

PR1 – Pre Workout Performance Booster

With PR1, an "all in one" pre-workout supplement is provided that is formulated with the following main ingredients: Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine and L-Citruline.

PR1 is the only Pre Workout in the market that contains Green Tea associated with a special blend of energy boosters such as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and Caffeine. The Green Tea component brings a lot of benefits to the product such as mental focus improvement*. Furthermore, it is formulated with vitamins and minerals to keep the body strong despite intense workouts.

The overall effect of PR1 will help the body in taking workouts to the next level by increasing energy*, maximizing muscles growth*, increasing strength* and giving athletes a laser focus*.

PR2 – Post Workout Maximum Recovery

PR2 is the best option when it comes to an "all in one" post workout supplement that allows the body to have a faster recovery*, so the athletes can enjoy another powerful workout session the next day. It is especially formulated with the following ingredients: BCAA, L-Glutamine and L-Citruline. Scientific studies show that those components are able to reduce soreness and maximizing muscles regeneration even after intense workouts*.

PR2, the post workout supplement, also comes with a special combination of electrolyte boosting components like sodium and potassium and a blend of all essential vitamins that need to be replenished within minutes after the training.

Why Get the PR Series Supplements?

PR Series products were made with the help of a multifunctional team composed of workout enthusiasts, professional athletes, nutritionists, sports medicine physicians and supplements specialists that look for having and promoting a better lifestyle through sports practice in their communities.

In that sense, each ingredient was chosen based on a true belief that it will bring effective results and not based on substances that are on the spot and "sell" better. Youwiin Sports Nutrition heard opinions and concerns about the benefits and the risks supplements ingredients could bring to people in the short and long terms. Based on all that, PR Series was engineered with the best and safest formulas for supporting sports practice.

To enjoy all the benefits of the supplement and prevent any health risks, the company recommends the consumers to follow the directions as recommended, drink a lot of water, maintain a healthy diet and keep regular workout schedules.

"When I was introduced to the product, the formula composition gained my attention right away. It's all there, in the right amount, no hidden ingredients, no banned substances. Everything I recommend to my team of runners and triathletes in order to get the most of each training session" – Felipe Guedes – Professional Triathlete and Coach sponsored by Youwiin Sports Nutrition USA.

About Youwiin Sports Nutrition USA
Youwiin Sports Nutrition USA, LLC is a small company based in Miami, FL, made by a diverse group of people like sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, sports medicine doctors, nutritionists and supplements experts. Our products are made with the best ingredients available in the market and manufactured by state of the art certified facilities in the USA, in order to ensure complete consumers' satisfaction. Youwiin Sports Nutrition USA supplements are available to purchase at their website and also at Amazon.

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