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YuanSenTai KN95 Silicone Mask Won the Green Pass of Many Countries in the World to Help Protect Against the Global Epidemic


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2020 --The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in 2020 make masks, protective suit and other protective equipment become urgent medical supplies. "Purchasing mask" has become the norm in China and even the world, and in such a serious epidemic environment, Shenzhen Lezheng Technology Co., Ltd gives full play to the advantages of the competence in air purification field and the pioneered reusable silicone KN95 mask comes from a long time accumulation of technology received the affirmation from the state leaders and CCTV news media coverage.

As a company committed to power respirators, high-tech anti-fog haze masks, breathing air purification solutions in research and development, production and sales, Shenzhen Lezheng Technology co., LTD., know the impact of the epidemic to the public and the disadvantages of the common surgical masks and KN95 masks on the market. For example, the filtering effect of general surgical masks will be greatly reduced if worn more than four hours later, and prevention effect of coronavirus will also be greatly reduced. And KN95 mask is not only expensive but also difficult to buy during the outbreak. Most importantly, there are fake and shoddy products which undoubtedly brings a huge hidden danger of the public.

As of the insight into the current mask market status, Shenzhen Lezheng Technology co., LTD has developed Yuansentai Silicone mask with FDA, CE, TGA and medical device registration of Russian certificates all in place. This mask has solved the disadvantage of the existing masks, that is, when improving the protection effect of coronavirus, greatly reducing the use cost at the same time. The mask body can be sterilized of repeated use for at least 2 years. All you have to do is to replace the filter. A mask solves one's long-term use problem.

In fact, the YuanSenTai project of masks can be traced back to 2012. Eight years of accumulation on quality and technology and at present the latest Self-suction filtering mask has the features of repeated use, four-layer filtration, low resistance and high efficiency filtration, sealing comfortable, excellent performance of multiple disinfection. No need to frequently replace mask, and no need to worry about cross infection. For long-time use, you only need to replace filter. Both on the safety and protection efficiency, YuanSenTai has done its best with good appearance design makes it more fit to facial lines without tight marks. And it is more beautiful.

Because of the excellent properties of YuanSenTai Serials, all the masks have successively passed the CE, FDA, Britain, Australia, Canada, Russia on medical device registration certificate, etc. In addition to that, YuanSenTai mask is also successfully listed in export white masks, which can make direct trade with many countries. We have complete certificates, so as to bring more people with a full range of epidemic prevention protection. Under serious epidemic situation at present, we have to turn science and technology into productivity. Only with more and more enterprises similar to YuanSenTai can adapt the need of the times. And only in this way we can finally overcome the epidemic and usher in a new tomorrow.