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Zappi Anti-Radiation Optics Launch on Indiegogo to Give the World 'Sunglasses for Digital Devices'

Anti-radiation computer glasses launch on Indiegogo to reduce what’s been coined as “computer vision syndrome”, A.K.A. digital eye strain. Minimizing radiation from electro magnetic waves surrounding digital devices, the eyewear is designed for use with smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming screens and television.


Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2015 --Just when consumers thought the digital age made things simpler a study from the Vision Council advises otherwise. Published in January, the council says due to the amount of time spent on screens this can take its toll on the eyes and lead to digital eye strain. It seems no one considered those harmful electro magnetic waves they were purchasing right along with their iPad. Thankfully a company named Zappi has thought ahead. They've launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support their line of "sunglasses for digital devices." Rebuffing radiation they bring fashion forward to stylish computer and gaming glasses for children and adults.

Zappi computer glasses filter out the harmful blue light that is linked to AMD and block the UV which can contribute to cataracts. Andy Jones, founder and CEO of Zappi said of the computer glasses, "Our children sit in front of tablet screens from early ages. And many of us are planted in front of computers all day while we work. We have a lifetime of exposure to the artificial blue light and UV that's emitted from our devices of convenience. It's not healthy and millions of eyes are being zapped. Blue light is next to UV on the visible part of the electro magnetic spectrum and is thought to, over time, contribute to health issues for our eyes. That's why we've gone to such great lengths to create Zappi anti-radiation optics."

Zappi computer glasses feature UV protection 400, are anti-blue light, anti-scratch and glare resistant. The lenses have an AR and EMI coating to reduce digital eye strain. Designed with comfort in mind Zappi eyewear is lightweight. The anti-radiation glasses are non-prescription and are designed for those who don't wear glasses to be used with their devices. For prescription wearers Zappi has a clip on version.

Keeping the experience fun, Zappi's line of anti-radiation eyewear is named with an electro magnetic theme. The adult model computer glasses are named Zappi Spectrum. Young adults computer eyewear from the forward-thinking company is called Zappi Frequency. And the infant kid's design is named after the nano meter and is called the Zappi Nano. Zappi has thought of every member of the family. There is also a junior Zappi Radar and a limited edition Zappi Photon.

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Zappi Protection Limited or Zappi ® researches, designs and develops technologies that reduce electro-magnetic radiation exposure. Endeavoring to protect both children and adults the company announces the launch of anti-radiation optics.

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