ZB Opens the "ZB Angel" Global Recruitment Plan


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2020 --ZB.com officially opened the first phase of "ZB angel" recruitment plan on April 7.

ZB(ZB.com/ZB.live) is the world's leading digital asset trading platform. At present, there are 98 currencies and 197 trading pairs. The trading volume of BTC, ZB, EOS, XRP and other mainstream currencies has long ranked first in the world. There are four trading areas, QC,USDT, BTC and ZB, which provide one-stop services for digital assets, such as spot trading, fiat currency trading, leverage trading, and loan management.

The first batch of registration time of ZB angel program: April 7-June 8, limited to 1,000 people

1.The original intention of the angel recruitment plan

The "ZB angel" recruitment plan launched this time aims to support users of ZB development to become an important partner of ZB Global Station, so that every partner who contributes in the ZB global ecology can develop together with the platform. Every contribution to the ecosystem is rewarded.

Therefore, ZB global station invites you to join ZB, maintain the community, build consensus and move forward together. In the early stage, the rule of becoming "ZB angel" is very simple. As long as you have more than 500 community resources, you can have the opportunity to apply for becoming ZB angel.

2.What is "ZB Angel"

The ZB angel recruitment does not limit the registration conditions, including but not limited to the following parties: community partners, well-known public in the crypto space, well-known public in the blockchain circle, well-known public in the mining circle, KOL from the media, community group owners, well-known project parties, well-known media, investment institutions, exchanges and traditional financial institutions, as well as senior digital currency investors, blockchain technology researchers and enthusiasts, blockchain independent developers, encrypted digital economy researchers and enthusiasts.

Conditions for becoming a ZB angel:

1.ZB tokens holders are preferred
2.Identify with ZB culture and values, recognize the future value of ZB tokens, and be willing to maintain and promote ZB brand in public.
3.Have a certain community resources, not limited to community, Weibo, public account, Facebook, telegram, Twitter and other overseas channel resources or fan base (500 people +), and have certain operating experience.
4.Highly responsible, capable and willing to gather blockchain enthusiasts.
5.KOL individuals or institutions who love blockchain, understand K-line indicators, keep up with crypto space dynamics and have rich trading experience.
6.updates ZB.com's product functions, actively promotes and collects user product experience feedback.
(The above conditions can be satisfied at any three points.)

Specific obligations of "ZB Angel"

1.Online activities shall be held at least once a month (activities initiated by angels themselves or in cooperation with ZB's official publicity and promotion activities).
2.At least 2 hours of community active time per day.
3.Cooperate with ZB official staff to carry out various forms of community operation activities.

After successful become a "ZB Angel" will share the achievements of ZB ecological development. Online hot chat and live will be made for ZB millions and millions of trading users, which can be customized according to the needs of angel members and reach a long-term cooperation agreement.

3.Specifically including the following rights

1)ZB global partners enjoy up to 100% rebate.
ZB.com will cooperate with people with top resources in the world to become close partners, and jointly promote the healthy development of ZB ecology and the rapid landing of ZB global business. The user-level rebate ratio of up to 100% + is the largest open structure of the platform, and enjoys fee reductions, interest discounts and other preferential policies.

2)priority right in participating in high-end events.

3)Enjoy one-to-one VIP service
ZB configures exclusive VIP service staff for each angel, one-on-one to provide you with extreme warmth and comprehensive service experience, accompany you to create your own user system.

4)Enjoy the right of project recommendation
ZB angels can enjoy 60,000 ZB service fees for recommending quality projects, enjoy the right to recommend projects, and recommend quality projects.

5)Personal exclusive hot chat group qualification, accurate support of millions of traffic.
Free community tool drainage. The platform can provide exclusive high-end customized activities, including ZB hot chat AMA (for example: 1 BTC three o'clock sleepless hot chat group).

6)BTC 3 o'clock sleepless ZB hot chat group, open the only invitation authority of the whole network.
Ordinary users must hold 1BTC into the ZB hot chat group, or even 10, 100 and other BTC big chat groups. Angels authorized by ZB have the privilege of invitation and are exempt from the position threshold. Note: KOL with this invitation privilege can not be used as a tool for cash charging invitation, and ZB will not interfere with other personal analysis charging courses.
The specific angel contribution reward distribution mechanism proposal v1.0 can be consulted with the ZB assistant after successful application.

4.Exit mechanism

In order to protect the rights and interests of ZB angel, as well as the healthy and long-term development of platform ecological business, angel exit mechanism is specially formulated. In case of violation of any of the following provisions, it will be degraded, or ZB will be disqualified immediately, and all rights and interests will no longer be enjoyed.
?During the cooperation period, KOL super nodes shall not engage in anything in the name of ZB official and the staff. If there is a violation of the platform, they have the right to terminate the cooperation immediately and have the right to punish the angel.
?Defamation of the ZB ecology outside, rumors, incitement to popular sentiment, and influence platform brands
?Unauthorized use of ZB Angel ZB ecological brand has a serious impact on ZB brand.
?Privately gang up and gang up to maliciously attack and slander other angel groups.

5.Application process

(1) Contact our operation spcialist (telegram id:Jane_ZB) to get the application form
(2) Fill out the online application form
(3) ZB official issued an audit opinion
(4) ZB officially conducts VIP 1-to-1 system guidance for angel recruitment.

6.The security and stability of the platform is the bottom line, ZB ecologically aggregates millions of communities.

Security and stability are the basic requirements of a trading platform and the bottom line. Therefore, ZB has always insisted on the highest standards in the industry in terms of safety and stability.

Therefore, as long as you have enough enthusiasm and patience, appeal and responsibility, willing to share with others, or have rich industry resources, strong flow resources, and a positive sense of innovation, we welcome you to become a ZB Angel.

If you want to apply, please contact our operation specialist. Or send email to jane@zb.cn.

During the event, ZB.com reserves the final interpretation of this event.

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