ZB Serves More Than Ten Million Users in Eight Years, and Is One of the Most Recommended Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2021


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2021 --This year is a particularly special year in the history of blockchain development. It is also the most intense movement of making money in the crypto circle. It can be described as a magnificent one. Bitcoin has reached a record high of $62000, and Ethereum has reached $4300. The enthusiasm of the overall rise of the market is unprecedented, in the middle of May 2021, we witnessed the new history of the crypto circle.

In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough and wide application of the new generation of information technology, including blockchain technology, digital economy is breaking through the time and space limitations and industrial boundaries, breaking the traditional enterprise boundaries and growth rules, subverting the traditional business model and resource utilization, accelerating the penetration and coverage of various fields and links of the economy and society, and increasingly becoming an important engine of economic development. The most direct impact of the rapid development of digital economy in the 21st century is the large-scale rise of digital assets. Almost all the information assets stored in the Internet and the value assets distributed in the blockchain are growing exponentially.

Blockchain is another comprehensive technology that can bring great influence to the world after the Internet. Although blockchain was born from the bitcoin system, its application development is far beyond bitcoin. Blockchain has become a technology ecosystem that can catch up with and integrate with the Internet.

The birth of blockchain has brought about the prosperity of cryptocurrency, and all this prosperity is essentially derived from transactions. In fact, after the birth of bitcoin, for a long time, bitcoin was "useless".At that time point, the whole society questioned the concept of cryptocurrency. Only a small number of technology geeks, attracted by the concept of bitcoin, participated in bitcoin mining. It was not until the "pizza" incident that bitcoin was allowed to be used in actual transactions for the first time. Since then, the price of bitcoin has gone up.

The prosperity of cryptocurrency can not be separated from the infrastructure such as the exchange. It is precisely because of the emergence of "transaction" that cryptocurrency becomes popular, and because of the existence of the exchange, the whole cryptocurrency market can flow. In fact, the development and rise of exchanges are the result of wars. Since the emergence of the crypto circle, there have been nearly 20000 exchanges, but few of them have survived. It can be said that only when 99 exchanges fall can a winner be born.

ZB group is committed to the integrated business network including investment funds and e-wallets, and operates ZB innovation think tank, a blockchain research institution. ZB is the world's leading digital asset trading platform and one of the earliest bitcoin and Ethereum trading platforms in China. As an eight year old exchange, since its establishment in 2013, ZB has served more than 10 million users, provided enterprise level technical services for dozens of partners, and ensured the digital assets of global investors as stable as Mount Tai.

ZB has four trading areas: QC, USDT, BTC and ZB. At present, it has opened one-stop services of digital assets such as Spot trading, Fiat trading, Leverage trading and Loan. ZB network ZB built-in online customer service, 24-hour continuous online, for users to create considerate, comfortable, user-friendly service. ZB has always been committed to comprehensive business services including investment funds and e-wallets to create comfortable and convenient investment services for users. ZB has also been promoting the process of standardization. It has successively obtained the exchange licenses of Dubai and Singapore, and has set up operation centers in Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Bangkok, Dubai and other places, which can continuously protect the capital security of users.

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