ZB.com Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary, and the Global Layout Is Ready to Go


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2020 --"Time makes it inevitable that in every profession,young men replace the old."Looking back over the past 10 years, at least tens of thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges have been created in the world. survival of the fittest. When the digital economy strikes, what exactly do we rely on to open the fog and see the future? Dreams are the only truth that can run through time. In June this year, ZB.com (formerly CHBTC) celebrated its 7th birthday. As one of the few old brand exchanges, ZB.com strictly abides by its business philosophy, deepens its technological innovation and carefully builds its product camp. With the down - to - earth courage, create a safe and credible digital assets exchange at the international cutting edge.

There are 198 countries and regions with 10 million registered users. ZB exchange has shown its efforts and excellence to the world with every glorious cheer during its 7th anniversary. Although this road inevitably experienced winds and waves, ZB Exchange has firmly and calmly embarked on a unique high-speed development of digital asset exchanges.

From the initial purchase of the top-level domain name CHBTC to the top six exchange on CoinMarketCap, the ZB Exchange has witnessed two halvings of Bitcoin in seven years and also witnessed the miracle of Bitcoin rising from $ 2 to $ 20,000. Of course, in the test and polishing of the market, ZB has also experienced countless "Black swan" incidents and fierce market competition. However, ZB in special markets and accidents still shows a stable and reliable trading system, and has found a more complete and sound transaction security and risk control system, the more frustrated and the more courageous. It is not lucky, but it is a 7-year-old "powerful faction."

ZB.COM means nothing more than "Zillion Big", which is ZB's goal. ZB.com breaks the traditional and regional restrictions of spot trading only in foreign countries, and creates a new trading method, which enables customers to be assured of operation, convenient access to capital and timely release of market information.

Global layout, adhere to compliance development

ZB.com predecessor is CHBTC was established in June 2013, at the time of the second wave of the Crypto Market bull market. The price of bitcoin rose from $ 13 to $ 1147, an increase of over 88 times. ZB and a handful of exchanges set up in 2013 were lucky enough to share in the dividends of that bull market.

But the bull market is always short. After the "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risk" issued by the five ministries and commissions of the People 's Bank of China on December 5, 2013, Bitcoin plunged 92.5% in 83 days and continued to slump for a long time until the price of Bitcoin in 2017 Reverted to the 2013 high.

In this long bear market, Altcoin began to gradually warm up the market. ZB gradually found its own direction. With strict listing process, listing attitude and full currency characteristics quickly became one of the most important digital currency financial trading platforms in the country and even the world at that time.

The barbaric growth of the industry also poses huge risks of compliance.The industry wants to go further, and exchange compliance is an inevitable trend. Therefore, ZB has adhered to the path of compliance and globalization from the beginning of its establishment. It strictly adheres to the true attitude of "no brush quantity, no falsification, and no fee for listing" in the authenticity of transaction data. The company has also established a world-leading risk control and supervision system. Since its establishment in 2013, ZB has served more than 130 countries around the world and has nearly 10 million registered users. ZB was included in the list of exempt licenses for digital token payment services published by the Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) on March 27, 2020. Then, on April 20, ZB obtained the US MSB license.

The core concept of safety first

The biggest enemy of cryptocurrency exchanges is actually themselves, and their own risk control capabilities and asset security guarantees are the basis for their survival.

In 2011, Mt.Gox exchange stolen 850,000 bitcoins and lost more than 7 billion US dollars. This incident not only became the headline of the time, but also became the fuse of the first cryptocurrency market bear market.

Subsequently, various types of hackers stolen tokens and security incidents continued unabated. A number of well-known exchanges have experienced huge amounts of tokens. According to the statistics of the black archives, the cumulative loss of funds in the blockchain industry in 2019 exceeded 5 billion US dollars, of which exchanges, wallets, and DApps became the hardest hit areas by hackers.

After the incident of stolen tokens, whether to bear the losses of users and embark on a long term debt repayment path or choose to give up is a very difficult decision for the trading platform. Some exchanges choose to end the failure, while some exchanges are responsible for reimbursing user losses. It is understood that ZB has never been on the news because of down, and there have been no accidents during the 7 years since its establishment. This shows the strength of its platform technical team. Therefore, ZB seems to have more strength in OTC transaction when the big market comes, other exchanges appear to be stuck or even disconnected from the Internet. In the hot chat group of its APP, the number of people has increased by nearly 3000. From 2013 to 2017, ZB, which successfully transformed from CHBTC, officially nailed the concept of safety first into the core word of the development path, because only by ensuring the safety of funds can we seek longer-term development.

In 2017, ZB pioneered the idea of creating a ZB ecology and issued the platform token ZB Token. ZB Token is a token issued by the ZB Token Foundation based on the blockchain. ZB Token can be used and circulated in many scenarios, so that users can enjoy more rights in the ZB Token system and open up ZB Token full industry services. ZB.com has opened ZB / QC, ZB / USDT and ZB / BTC transactions, and users can enjoy 50% discount when using ZB deductions.

2020 is the year of opportunity for crypto derivatives. Behind the explosive growth, the crypto market also requires strict and reliable risk control. ZB has established a 100% deposit certificate of funds in the security mechanism of user transactions funds, and strictly controls the misappropriation of funds and illegal operations that are not my will. On the other hand, ZB Identity Verifier launched by ZB Exchange is used for user account "two-factor authentication" (2-FA), which greatly strengthens the security level.

The ZB authenticator is equivalent to a "U shield" that supports adding multiple accounts. Just add the key to log in to the website, ZB validator will help you generate a "U shield", open the ZB validator App, you can see the "U shield" corresponding to each account.

The second important factor in security is trust. In the face of this year's "3.12" extreme market, the number of users on the ZB exchange has increased unabated. The ZB Exchange's technical and customer service teams also worked overtime overnight when several major head platforms were down and fiat currency transactions were temporarily prohibited from deposit and withdrawal. Then, ZB Exchange launched the "QC / USDT" 10 times leveraged trading that never liquidation. These practices have won the trust of users.

This kind of "goodwill" trust has accumulated little by little, and it has also been strengthened in more solid transaction guarantees. Excellent technical standards + diversified products + efficient service quality, all the accumulation is prompting a new ZB to move forward quickly. Today, ZB has led the world in technology and services, and has become one of the top 10 real exchanges in the world and one of the top 4 exchanges in China. Among the tens of thousands of trading platforms around the world, ZB token ranks in the top 5 in the 2019 CMC annual report.

Based on long term strategic vision

As an exchange at the top of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the advantages of top exchanges and huge profit advantages have always been the most competitive track. Especially since the beginning of the bull market in 2017, new exchanges have continuously emerged. According to CoinMarketCap data, the number of global exchanges reached 4,132 in June 2017. By June 2018, this number had risen to an astonishing 11,296 exchanges. Too many exchanges also cause chaos in the industry, and it is not uncommon for such behaviors as brushing, black box operations, and even running. Since ZB was established 7 years ago, it has adhered to the attitude of no brush quantity,no fraud and listing fees. Adhere to high standards in product innovation. Because being an exchange is not a fast moving consumer product, only products that really benefit users are good products.

In the previous listed projects, the high quality of the ZB project is the fundamental to protect the user's investment income. At this point, ZB has formulated a strict and standardized pass management review system, and launched the UP quality channel following the market trend. The first phase of the UP project VSYS was launched by VSYS, which was snapped up by more than 300,000 people?with a price increase of up to 1170%.

From 2019 to 2020, ZB APP has undergone major upgrades many times to ensure that users have been pursuing a better user experience and more innovative products on basic services such as spot trading. Smooth use during the transaction. The in-depth accumulation of technology and strict prevention and control of security risks have also allowed ZB to maintain a leading, stable and safe trading experience in the test of many special markets. With the continuous development of ecological applications and product systems, ZB APP has formed a rich ecosystem integrating spot trading, fiat trading, leverage, financial management, ZAPP, hot chat and other product functions.

Today, ZB provides global users with nearly 100 high quality blockchain based trading and investment services. The spot transaction volume of cryptocurrencies has exceeded US $ 3 billion, and its comprehensive strength has ranked among the top ten global digital currency exchanges. These achievements are an affirmation for an exchange that has experienced seven years of market ups and downs and is still developing steadily and steadily, and it is also an infinite possibility.

In the crypto digital industry, there will never be a lack of exchanges that are on the rise, and there will be a lot of deals that end in a hurry after the boom. However, there are only a few exchanges that can truly go further, continue to innovate and operate steadily. And ZB is such an exchange that is still getting better and better under the development style that still maintains an attitude and hard power under the constantly breaking and developing competition. The 7 years of ups and downs and achievements are not ZB's ostentatious capital, but precious experience and help for the future. In the upcoming eighth year, I believe ZB will go further.