ZB.com DeFi Week: On August 17, SwftCoin (SWFTC) Subscription Will Be Launched and AMA Will Be Held


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2020 --Since 2020, DeFi has been a hotspot in crypto space, with the trend of getting hotter and hotter.DeFi itself contains a great deal of controversy, some people think it is a subversion of traditional finance, the impact is positive.There are also many who believe that DeFi is currently underdeveloped and that many technical problems have not been solved.Too much optimism about DeFi would have given many investors the wrong direction and led to big losses.

As one of the major exchanges, ZB.com hopes to open the eyes of users to the real DeFi and where to invest.ZB.com will also introduce some really technical DeFi projects to ZB.com's loyal users in the form of subscription with discounts.

The ZB.com DeFi week will begin and continue for one week and starts on next Monday, August 17.ZB.com will launch premium DeFi tokens and share premium DeFi projects in AMA held on ZB APP hot chat group.To participate in high-quality DeFi token Subscription, please download the newest version of ZB APP, click ZAPP at the top of the message page, enter the ZAPP section, and click "DeFi Express".To participate in DeFi week AMA, please scan the QR code of AMA event poster below to enter.

"The first shot" of ZB.com DeFi week -- the earliest DeFi conceptional platform token SWFTC

According to the official announcement, ZB.com will start the SWFTC subscription at 18:00 on August 17, 2020(GMT+8). The subscription details are as follows:
1. Subscription time: 18:00 to 18:30 on August 17, 2020(GMT+8).
2. Total Subscription Amount: 55,555,000 SWFTC;
3. Subscription Price: 12% off the SWFTC price in CMC at 17:30 on August 17, 2020(GMT+8) ;
4. Participation Qualifications: Users who have completed advanced real-name authentication and holding 2,000 ZB tokens available in their Exchange accounts can participate in the subscription;
5. Personal Subscription Amount: The subscription amount for each account is 250,000 SWFTC;
6. How to Subscribe SWFTC: Subscribe SWFTC on the "Defi Express" page of ZAPP

(1) This round of subscription is only available in the "Defi Express" of ZAPP on ZB APP. Please download and install the latest version of ZB APP(V4.2.3) in advance, and go to Info, find "Defi Express" in ZAPP, open and install it.
(2) The corresponding number of QC and 2,000 ZB will be freezed during the subscription. Please make sure that your account has sufficient funds when subscribing.

7. Rules for successful subscription
(1)Each user will generate a subscription number after successful subscription;
(2)Get the last 6 digits(after removing English letters) from the first Bitcoin block hash after the subscription concluded as the lucky number, and the 222 subscription numbers closest to the lucky number are the winning numbers. The owners of these numbers will get their subscribed SWFTC. If the 222th and 223st subscription numbers have the same value to the lucky number, the earlier subscription number is the winning number.
For Example, the first Bitcoin block hash after the subscription concluded is 00000000000000000005bd558bfff83e137e9adff678012bfd2b5b13d14e5f68, remove the letters and take the last 6 digits, the number 314568 is the luck number, the 222 subscription numbers closest to 314568 are the winning numbers.
(3)The winner list will be announced on the subscription activity page and SWFTC will be distributed within 2 hours after the end of the subscription, please keep your attention.

About SWFTC(SwftCoin)
SwftCoin, as a pioneer in DeFi, is a utility token based on Ethereum. It is the default payment method for fees on SWFT Blockchain, and offers a 50% discount on swap fees on SWFT Blockchain, as well as discounts on other services on the platform. Swftcoin is the engine behind SWFT Blockchain's low fees and unbeatable exchange rates. The extra liquidity sources that the platform has gotten from Swftcoin trading has given it an advantage over other cryptocurrency swap providers and advance its financial solutions. SWFT Blockchain has been focus on DeFi since 2017 since it's established. SWFT Blockchain is a cross-chain wallet, swap, and payments platform powered by Swftcoin (SWFTC) which allows users to swap, trade, pay with and share hundreds of cryptocurrencies.
Official Website: https://www.swft.pro
ZB.com SWFTC AMA in Hot Chat -- The role of SWFT in the future blockchain payment ecosystem

At 11am(UTC+8) on August 17, ZB.com will hold the first AMA of DeFi Week on ZB APP: The role of SWFT in the future blockchain payment ecosystem.In this AMA, Ye Fei, the head of operation and commerce of SWFT Blockchain greater China, was invited to share about SWFT platform, so as to let users know about the project in advance before the subscription activity.Scan the QR code of the poster to join the AMA hot chat group.

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