ZB.com Has Launched Dora Project, the "Ultimate" Solution for Distributed Data Services


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2021 --Since the birth of blockchain, how to perfectly fit data services with distributed storage has always been a difficult problem for the industry to solve. Among the known blockchain services, the application of on-chain digitization of art assets (FIT mode) and other applications of blockchain content distribution have been introduced one after another, which has aroused a wide discussion in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain itself distributed architecture, the data assets, such as encryption, secure storage always has the congenital advantage, to solve the data service, becomes the block chain technique is applied to the key to a broader population, Dora Factory success launched ZB.com, Gate, OK, MXC, Kucoin, Biki, Bitmart become the hot spot. Dora Factory may be distributed in the process of the self constantly upgrade data services "final solution"?

Dora Factory

Dora Factory is created on the blockchain network programmable decentralized open platform service, solve the key technical problems such as data services, chain assets, and enhance the reliability of chain governance in all directions, the platform release data for service model, namely from the model data service provider can replace COINS incentives in return.

In the study of the relevant white paper, it is found that Dora Factory not only makes a breakthrough on the data service at the technical level, but also makes a breakthrough on the separate service and even the limited service that has always been in the blockchain industry.Because in the Dora Factory, each participant can initiate data services based on a distributed architecture according to their own needs.

In the implementation, participants (service developers) can use components in the Poca ecosystem or Ethereum's Layer 2 network to manage and organize data service applications.

It is reported that Dora Factory has received financial support from global hackathons and the HackerLink platform, as well as technical support from open source developers such as global hackers and cypherpunks at the technical level.

In daily operation, Dora Factory will focus on the management of the chain on the technical level, and will focus on optimizing the main modules on the chain, including digital services, on-chain assets, tokens, fund management, and fundraising planning.

Application scenarios
Dora Factory provides a basic development platform for any enterprise or development group that needs to build blockchain services, which makes it extremely convenient to provide digital services on the chain and has unlimited possibilities in the future.

In specific applications, Dora Factory can help open source funds based on block chain to provide technical support, and can also become a public chain development community or help block chain investors to find potential block projects.In addition, it provides an interactive platform for multinational enterprises based on blockchain technology.The Dora Factory could even play an important role in blockchain assets and decentralized media.

According to Dora Factory insiders, 20% of the project's tokens will be released for financing, 6% for public offering, 7% for airdrop or other sudden death liquidity activities while the Dora Factory is running, and the project's development team will own the day-to-day maintenance of the Dora Factory by 10% of the token users.The remaining 10% will go to technology development, 25% to fund reserves, 15 % to open grants, and community builders will receive the final 7 %.

Mode of Participation (ZB)
Dora Factorylogged into ZB Exchange, GATE, OK, MXC, Kucoin, Biki, Bitmart and other trading platforms successively from March 21 to 22, and started Balancer LBP at 20:00 (GMT+8) on March 22, which lasted for about 48 hours.

According to the inside information, ZB Exchange will open Dora recharge at 20:00 on March 22nd. It is expected that Dora /USDT trading pair will open at 20:00 on March 24th, and Dora withdrawal will open at 22:00 on the same day.Currently known activities such as recharge, position holding and trading can all participate in the division of Dora. You can check the specific details of the activities by logging on the relevant websites.