ZB.com Launches Bank Wire Transfer Discrepancy Channel in US Dollars


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2021 --ZB.com launches Dollars bank wire transfer discrepancy channel. Users can place an order in the APP — Finance — Deposit — USD interface. The channel is not available for users in mainland China and all parts of the United States.

With the increasing number of ZB.com overseas registered users, ZB.com now launches the quarterly promotion of bank wire transfer in US dollars.


1. Please remit the money with your real name account of ZB.com, otherwise ZB.com will refund the money.

2. Procedures incurred in the remittance shall be borne by the user, and the platform shall take the amount actually received as the standard.

3. ZB.com is not responsible for any delay in wire transfers caused by your bank or the intermediary bank used by your bank.

4. ZB.com shall not be responsible for any impact of the foregoing on your bank account.You should be aware that most banks have concerns about cryptocurrency-related remittance transfers.

5. ZB.com can only process your wire transfer request on business days (except SEN).US dollar wire transfers may take up to one business day to process.In rare cases, it may take longer.This does not include the time of the transfer;It may take up to one day to send a wire transfer to some countries/regions, and it may take more time for an intermediate bank to process.

6. You must fill in the correct remarks when you transfer the money, otherwise it will not be received.

7. The channel only supports the US dollar service, and other Fiat currencies can be traded through the Visa channel.

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