ZB.com Launches CRV, ANKR and STORJ Projects, Based on Three Directions of ERC20 Standard


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2021 --The value exchange needs of human beings exist forever, and the way of value exchange of human beings also presents different needs with the development of human society.In the exchange environment where material is the main value, barter and accessible intermediate value are the products to solve this exchange demand.

The Internet age, the exchange of human emotion, value is more dependent on the Internet, the Internet can't touch, can solve the exchange value natural demand, therefore, the involvement of third parties, for both the value of "evaluation" to help make the deal has become an Internet value swaps solution, this solution has been in use today.

However, there is no transparent and open solution to the fairness of the Internet's value "evaluation" on third-party institutions. Therefore, the emergence of blockchain technology, with an open, transparent and tamper-free distributed and decentralized architecture, has become an upgraded version of the Internet value exchange.Blockchain solves the problem of peer-to-peer value exchange without intermediaries in the Internet era without face-to-face confirmation.

A series of technical applications and standards derived from blockchain technology have laid a foundation for a more advanced form of value exchange system in the future of human society.

ERC20 - Value standards under the consensus system
At present, the recognized technology upgrade stage in the blockchain industry is the era of blockchain 1.0 represented by the Bitcoin network, and the era of blockchain 2.0 represented by Ethereum. In the era of blockchain 1.0, people have solved the problem of removing centralized institutions and conducting transactions, while the era of blockchain 2.0 has solved the human demand for more value transactions. It is as if the Bitcoin network has opened up a piece of land, and Ethereum has planted thousands of flowers on this land.

The core value of Ethereum is that it can run a decentralized terminal application-DAPP. The main technical core for DAPP to run is the ERC20 platform. ERC20 can be compatible with the value and service released by any DAPP on Ethereum, and naturally it can also be compatible with tokens generated by DAPP based on Ethereum. Strictly speaking, ERC20 is more like a model, or a standard. Many DAPPs and value tokens derived from DAPPs are like goods of different shapes, and ERC20 acts as a packing box to standardize these different values.

ERC20 is the standard interface for individual tokens. ERC20 tokens are only a subset of Ethereum tokens. To be fully compatible with ERC20, developers need to integrate a specific set of functions (interfaces) into their smart contracts to perform at a high level operations such as obtaining total token supply, account balances, transferring tokens, approving spending tokens, and so on.

In terms of technology implementation, ERC20 has been developed and used since 2015 and has formed a unified value standard in a wide range of (blockchain industry) value systems.Any DAPP or token based on this standard is given the same value potential as ETH.

Trading, computing power, storage, the three directions of the ERC20 standard

On March 24, ZB Exchange will launch CRV, ANKR, and STORJ, which represent the three main aspects of ERC20 standard, namely trading, computing, and storage.

CRV is the value conversion token of Curve, which was launched in January 2020 and has been running for more than a year now. As a decentralized flow pool exchange on Ethereum, CRV has been widely praised by users for its efficient stablecoin trading.Curve operates by allowing users to trade stablecoins at a low slippage point with a low fee.Users can capture the transaction fees of their platform when providing liquidity. It also incorporates the Defi protocol iearn and Compound to provide additional benefits to liquidity providers. The automated exchange approach is more user-friendly, and its token CRV acts like a regular exchange token.

Storj is a cloud storage platform that aims to be censor-free, surveilance-free and non-downtime.Storj aims to improve traditional cloud storage services by giving users back "control" over their devices and data.This means Storj from the technical level has been around for a central server, the client encryption technology, only the end user can access the declassified documents and keys, greatly improved the file security, Storj tokens can be used to rent or buy in Storj network storage space, is a practical service as one of their own scrip value classic tokens.

Ankr is a distributed computing platform that uses idle computing power in data centers, personal computers, and peripheral devices.Its computing market unlocks the sharing economy based on cloud computing, which can bring great convenience and benefits to both suppliers and users.Ankr leverages containers, Kubernetes, blockchain, and trusted hardware to bring a cheaper, more secure, and better cloud experience to users.Its Ankr token is useful for storing/transferring value on the platform.At the same time, ANKR tokens can be used to pay for POUW's computing costs.Users can contribute their computing power within the platform to earn ANKR tokens.The more you participate, the more tokens you get.

Mode of Participation (ZB)

Ankr, Storj and CVR tokens will be launched on ZB Exchange later on March 24. Earlier, the tokens of the three projects have been listed on several well-known exchanges, and their market performance has been verified by a large number of users.