ZB.com Unveils Repurchase of ZB Token in the Third Quarter


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2019 --Last month, ZB.com successfully achieved the repurchase of a total of 49,231,200 ZB tokens in the third quarter of 2019. In the circumstances, a total of 1,000,000,000 ZB tokens will soon be permanently burned by this cryptocurrency trading platform from the ZB Customer Protection Fund.

As one of the leading global cryptocurrency trading platforms, ZB.com has provided over 3 million registered users with one-stop services for blockchain assets, including spot trading, legal tender trading and leverage services since 2013. So far, this firm has established a comprehensive and robust cryptocurrency trading network.

To be more specific, it offers maintenance and management of appreciation of more than 80 digital currency with an about $3 billion daily turnover on average. Meanwhile, ZB.com has an excellent cryptocurrency trading service team, consisting of not only financial talents from investment banks and top accounting firms on Wall Street, but also knowledgeable algorithm experts and scientists in the blockchain technology field.

One of the striking differences between ZB.com and other cryptocurrency trading platforms is that, ZB.com focuses on offering an incomparable user experience to small and medium-sized individual investors. Most importantly, no cryptocurrency theft has occurred since this company's inception.

In spite of the growing popularity as well as reputation, this cryptocurrency trading platform still works hard to improve the performances of functions and applications of the ZB Token. With a total market value of about $150 million, ZB Token has grown by four times at most in recent years, ranking 38th on the well-known website called CoinMarketCap.

Engaging in building more practical scenes, ZB Token now has multi-use applications including obtaining the VIP identity, voting, paying the market service fee, etc. The big victory of it in the third quarter of this year directly shows the success and achievement of this cryptocurrency trading platform.

On the one hand, destroying ZB Token provides easy access to calculate the user's investment and record their actions in the cryptocurrency trading. The more ZB Token burns, the higher the computing efficiency ZB.com may have. On the other hand, since the amount of circulation of ZB Token in the market has been reduced, the price and value of it increased significantly this time.

In order to gain a firm foothold in the ever-changing blockchain market, ZB.com endeavors to open up numerous possibilities to develop its abilities and fulfill the needs of more customers. In a word, this company is now digging its way into the competitive overseas markets of cryptocurrency trading.

About ZB.com
With over six years of experience, ZB.com is an international cryptocurrency trading platform which specializes in providing the top services on blockchain assets for global users. For the past years, it has not only applied for exchange licenses in the United States and Dubai, but also set up operation centers in Switzerland, Canada, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong, China. It is the rigorous attitude to cryptocurrency audit and superior service that earn this cryptocurrency trading platform wide acclaim and support globally.

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